1. He has the Mel Gibson Australian blistered in the sun look like. Mel Gibson had when he had slipped in to the rant that. Really. Was well known yet not so well received in the broad sense. I think. And the racist. Babbling he was was a drunken or perhaps even manic or something. I think it’s a shield from some trauma. Yet unreckoned absolutely a cross he bears to the day and no doubt will invariably continue to do so

  2. Where are you have it folks judge Judy just said you can’t support a person on $1400 a month how many of you out there are making around $1400 a month

  3. Ppl are going to stop watching, if they cant view the whole ruling unless they want to make ppl pay to see the whole case, thats typically of the programers who own rights, thats my kind of America as JJ would say

  4. It doesn’t matter what she used it for She wasn’t suppose to touch it Yes he’s entitled to his half It doesn’t have anything to do with child support I’m sure she’ll get that too

  5. He did it cause guys always get the shaft when it comes to these things. Women always make out like a bandit.

  6. He started out looking pretty damn red face y’all that is fairly telling.

  7. Drag him!
    Also, to Judge Judy digital content team: You are still not listening to we the viewers, who have long been patiently asking for the inclusion of the final judgement in one video. Or at the very least, some semblance of conclusion to these cases, in ONE video.😣

  8. She also touched the money regardless of what she used it for. What he’s saying is that she was depleting the funds so he took what he was entitled to take.

  9. So, I might be wrong, because it’s been a while since I’ve seen the full case. The wife touched money only for what it was agreed upon for her to touch it for. The money was to be spent a certain way and she followed through with that and he did not like that it was costing more than what he thought it should. I tried to find the full case but could not.

    The judge did ask what she used it for and why and was satisfied she did nothing wrong I do remember that.

  10. Guys get a prenuptial, file separately and have separate accounts. Because this is the mess you are going to deal with if you don’t . It has nothing to do with love or trust. It has to do with your survival.

  11. Having now seen this whole case, the ex-husband is a real piece of shit for sure and his Mommy Dearest isn’t much better.

  12. ´you all in the US have to VOTE for people that help you survive even in a crisis …. that how we do it here in Europe. It now is absolutely IRRESPONSIBLE to vote for Republicans.
    They ONLY care for the rich, the big corporations – they don`t car a bit if poor people die on the street – not by getting hungry nor getting shot be police

  13. I dont like how hey are filming partial rulings & ends it right befor the ruling its fustrating & distracting

  14. I love how Judy gets so into the cases that she instinctively shushes even the audience when they start laughing

  15. i love Judge Judy and love the channel. But I wish the WHOLE case was posted. I think if this were done the channel would have more than just 14,000 subscribers. This would be more like 10 million.

  16. Coming in front of Judge Judy you better have your numbers printed out and in order or she’s going to ream you a new one.

  17. Who is the putz who’s breaking these videos into small segments?? I’d like to know what the point is in destroying JJ’s rulings!!!! You’re a PUTZ!!

  18. U better have ur ducks in a line when u appear before Judge Judy or ur screwed for the whole world to see🤷‍♀️. Judge Judy don’t mess around and don’t like her time to be wasted!!!!!!

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