Divorce Proceedings.

Divorce Proceedings.

Anxiety in the West. Or should we say–panic.
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  1. I remember when Henry Kissinger set up the "petro dollar". I have not seen much of Henri these days so I assume they have put him back into an induced coma.

  2. Western tanks showing up in Ukraine, will be NATO crews. Challenger 2 will be easy to capture, once mired in mud, and abandoned, or out of ammunition and abandoned. Same with Abrams.

  3. Благодарю за аналитику, как всегда на высшем уровне.

  4. Mr. Martyanov, would you, please, do not insult my country, Russia, calling it "the West". My county has NOTNING in common with degenerates and their dying "civilization" known as the West.

  5. A journalist, a war reporter, said 7 years ago after the Maidan that if it continues like this, war will break out because the Russians will have to intervene militarily, everyone thought he was crazy, they even told him in the newsroom that he was a militant, he said that on Srpska TV, I ask if there is military tactics called "rocking the ship" greetings from Belgrade.

  6. The amount of BS, propaganda and despair that comes from the Western world, especially from the press that is supposed to be free, independent and objective (reality has shown us exactly the opposite) is immense. In the last 24-36 hours, I see how the Western press praises the assassination of a journalist through a terrorist attack, this for me is Mind blowing…. Idiots from the political class and the so-called elites simply CANNOT understand, realize the volume of the changes taking place in real time…if we calculate the exchange rate of all the states that have announced the abandonment of the dollar in interstate trade, we can collect 1.2-1.3 trillion USD…in 2 years this amount will reach 2-3 trillions and then the US will really start to feel the effects of world dollarization.

  7. I wish you all the best and your good analysis, a very realistic greeting from Belgrade where both sides can be heard.

  8. One wester dude telling a 5000 years civilization of 1.3B ppl what and how to fix things, a pinnacle of arrogance. Pretty sure some people are already thinking to give him a Nobel price.

  9. Unfortunately this unpleasant side of the "turbo-patriot" or the "vsepropalshik" ( defeatist) side of the "voyenkor" (voyenwhore) "military correspondent" crowd (военкурятник) is utterly unknown to the western audience, that consumes their FUD propaganda ("fear, uncertainty, doubt") for their face value. Very few public speakers (you Andrei) know and expose them for what they are – hypemongering grifters. Fear sells. Some of these scammers blatantly admit it on video, like Sladkov. Effectively they work as a disinfo arm of the (((Ukrainian))) oligarchs in Russia, unrestricted. You’ll never see the Ukies bashing their own military. But this turbo-patriotic crowd’s MO is nothing but nonstop bashing of the "inefficiency" and "unprofessionalism" of the Russian military command structure. On the daily basis in their chutzpah they dare to teach the Russian General staff on how to conduct the military operations while having no military background themselves whatsoever. Strelkov-Girkin is the worst, but some other grifters are Sladkov, Pegov (Wargonzo), Tatarsky⚰️. Sadly, not far behind are Podolyaka, Cassad-Rozhin, Rybar and even (((Soloviev))) on TV. The telegram channels work as organized networks, reposting each other.

  10. My sources tell me that a leak from Kremlin revealed that Shoigu sent several hundred microscopes to the Russian officers on the front lines. Rumor has it he fears they might otherwise miss the Ukrainian counteroffensive when it happens.

  11. Mrs von Der Liar lives in the garden smelling the roses. Thanks Andrei for another superb update.❤from 🇿🇦

  12. Any "divorce" is the most optimistic scenario.

    The special military operation is revealing runaway criminal insanities due to the about exponentially increasing absurdities found in post-modern industrialized warfare.

    The key is the concept of "industrialization."

    That is harnessing inanimate energy sources, and thus, animating them.

    Electrical and atomic energy can easily become billions of times greater than old-fashioned chemical energy.

    The real issues go far, far beyond the current runaway nonsense of a military "fight" which deliberately refrains from using the weapons that are many orders of magnitude greater than all the human being involved.

  13. Russia wants one of those challenger 2 tanks because the Moscow State Circus needs a new clown car.

  14. I am commenting with my friends about aviation and few people know that during the campaign against Serbia in 1999 an F-117 was shot down with an old system modified by NERA, so in some future analysis explain the well-known S400 and Pancir systems and how difficult it would be for aviation to pass the linked systems. In advance thank you regular follower and big fan of your analysis.

  15. Russia gets the odd terrorist attack from the West. The US gets regular Terrorist attacks by the FBI. Mass Shooting events that are 100% FBI.

  16. 19:18 — cut to the chase … sharp knife thru hot butter … straight to the heart w/ wooden stake of wolf-bane.


    THX to YT & From Russian With Lovin’


  17. I saw the footage from the Moscow museum of confiscated NATO weapons, all new, the question is why the Russians don’t use it in the field and surely their experts have already studied it, your comment and the best analysis on the net I think you give, I wish you all the best.

  18. For your next video. This is maybe one of the reason the West power is not what it used to be.
    1. "Living As An Adult Baby – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv0w8PqsvZ0"
    2. "Addicted To Living As An Adult Baby | My Strange Addiction – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FPkv4UvCvM"
    3. "I Live As An Adult Baby 24/7 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAclPIlxjnc"
    4. "I Am Wearing Diapers At 17 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDT0UUXax1w"

  19. The UK and USA have been failing since the 1970’s. Neo liberal/conservative accession. They attacked the working class and shifted jobs to China to discipline wage rates and increase their own wealth , the problem of the lack of talent and competence is due to their own mistakes of promoting their own class and not letting the best people rise by merit
    I for one see that they are over and it’s going to be hard for a few years but once this failed group have been destroyed working people who have skills, talent and competence will build a better world for everyone including those who we are now told are enimes. This is true global humanity

  20. Great narrative, Thucydidus trap, how predictable it was. As to the small islands in the north Atlantic, their bark is not noticeable, more like a whine from a beggared mongrel.👍👍👍👍👍

  21. Most tanks in the current war are being taken out by anti-tank weapons. Not tank on tank battling.

  22. Amazingly Andrei has been able to predict the decline and deterioration of the Western military years before it became visible even to poor church mice in abandoned churches, and he did it all without the benefit of the expert analyses provided by esteemed think tanks like the Institute for the Study of War.
    Some think he relied on nothing more but facts and data and his own expertise and experience. I doubt that. These are not qualifications that are acceptable for admittance to any Western think tank.
    My guess is that he possesses EMP (extra-sensory military perception).

  23. About European economy, yesterday I’ve watched a video about why Russian economy didn’t fail in 2022. and with certain copium they predict that it’s because Russia is pumping cash reserves to hold head above water, with total disregard of the fact that the critical industry of Russia, like steel production or energy is self-sufficient and that Russia develops and produces it’s own electronics and won’t be import dependent that soon. However they also claimed that EU had enough gas reserves till 2025 and by that time Russian economy will go down together with demographics (they also mention that) while EU will become energy independent.

    Here’s how it reflects the issue of western civilization, yes Russia has low demographics, so does EU, but in Russia everything that affects society is deemed as a problem, for instance abortion, antifamily sentiment and policies, lgbt, while in EU these are viewed as values and rights. Russia has positive demographic tendencies, EU doesn’t.
    Another reflection is related to the metrics of the economy, they assume that the economy of EU will be carried on services, with so called green energy, with total disregard of heavy industry that is critical. This isn’t only about GDP clown metrics, it’s about the society that it detached from its roots and reality, that views heavy industry and being a blue collar worker as something bad and being a white collar office wage-c*ck as something good.

    And this brings me to the conclusion that the "west", which initiated its suicide long time ago, is completely pussified. Even if it was true (and we know it isn’t) that Russia is failing, we in EU are failing faster. Looking and hoping for your neighbour to fail while you’re in trouble, that’s really pathetic, unmasculine, unvirtuous, I don’t know how to call it, it makes me sick.

    As European, I wish all the best to all european peoples but not to this post-modern western regime, the EU dictatorship.

  24. What a great talk — another one, to be sure. Best half hour of my day is when I listen to Andrei just sit there in front of that bamboo curtain and spin it out like a master weaver. The facts, logic, analysis… Makes me wonder how/why the top echelons of US power — from Harvard professors to Washington, DC "deciders" — have gone so far wrong. What was the flaw in their education? How did they fail to learn so much that is critical to proper understanding? Must be a deep, seismic pedagogical fault line in US academe, to allow so much bias and raw, dumb opinion to masquerade as knowledge and understanding. While all across USA, the study of "military history" at college or grad school level is more than frowned upon, it’s actively discouraged and shunned. And so the ignorance cascades, generation to generation.

  25. “Why do we need the west?” Maybe for the part where those goods need to cross oceans without security issues.

  26. 19:00 Strong opinions on the absolutely stunning permanent British military self-humiliation 😎

  27. DEMONIC? I’m sorry, does Russia have drag queens performing for children in their schools like it’s an educational thing? These people are insane.

  28. Thank you Andrei. Please never change, cos the present is awsome enough.
    Sigh, probably even cooler. Be well and take care. Good day all.

  29. I agree with the British here. I think GB should send all of its ( alleged number ) of 150 operational Challenger tanks to Ukraine . SERIOUSLY ! What else could Britain POSSIBLY do with them anyway ? Britain will have given the last full measure of its supply of tanks to the sacred war against Russia and (unless they get stored unused in 200 meter deep bunkers) there wont be any left in a few months and British media hacks wont have to suffer such profound anxiety anymore

  30. Finland is a full member of Nato now. Finland’s russophobic media cartel is very happy, as is the fresh parlament elected a week ago as they are responding to the war-mongering lobby’s sponsoring.

  31. It’s a profound statement from Martyanov but it’s quite true, Russia is the last bastion of enlightenment thinking and values.

  32. I completely disagree about the USAF. 2001 a few ill trained third world Cessna pilots shouting Jihad got through American air defense NORAD as well as USAF. The rest as they say is history.

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