Divorce Process Explained by a Connecticut Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Process Explained by a Connecticut Divorce Lawyer

In this video, Matthew F. Dolan from Dolan Divorce Lawyers discusses a typical divorce case from beginning to end. The video includes the legal process, defendant complaints, financial information, possible resolutions and more substancial information seen in a typical divorce case.

Matthew F. Dolan is a lifelong resident of Connecticut. Attorney Dolan handles the firm’s Family Law matters, with a particular focus on high asset divorce cases. Attorney Dolan has been named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 for the State of Connecticut, he has been selected as a New England Super Lawyers Rising Star in the area of Family Law from 2015 through 2019 (each year, no more than 2.5% are named to the Rising Stars list), and he received the 2017 Connecticut Law Tribune New Leader in the Law Award.

Attorney Dolan held clerkships with the New Haven law firm Lynch, Traub, Keefe, & Errante, as well as the State of Connecticut Superior Court Family Division. Throughout his various clerkships, Attorney Dolan played an active role in dozens of Family Law trials.

At Dolan Divorce Lawyers, we offer honest and dedicated representation, and are here to guide you to a favorable resolution of your family law case. Our firm culture emphasizes accessibility and approachability for our clients, as well as respect for their concerns, time and resources. Our Connecticut family lawyers have extensive experience handling complex financial and custodial disputes throughout the state. We are here to understand, help and advocate for your interests.

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  1. Hello. My daughter who is 26 was served divorce papers. She has less than $50.00 in her checking account. Her husband moved to his mothers. He took the vehicle, canceled wifi, canceled food delivery, took the computer and changed his mailing address. She’s 14 weeks with child. She made an appearance at court, filed a cross complaint. Is there anyone who can assist her. I cannot pay for an attorney. Her father passed away about 17 months ago and my husband and I are paying an attorney for probate. Do you have any advice?

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