Divorce process in South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ | coping Mechanism & surviving divorce | most frequently asked

Divorce process in South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ | coping Mechanism & surviving divorce | most frequently asked

Although this is most frequently asked , It is my least favourite video, because I don’t encourage divorce, but if you are searching how to get divorced, that means you have already made up your mind. I’m only sorry that your intentions was not to get married so that you can get divorced but since your are here, you might as well free yourself completely and get it over and done with. All the best with your future endeavors ❀️❀️😌😌


  1. Hi dear how did you go around with lawyer’s fee,am so stressed, the process is slow cause i dont even sure if this marriage is valid cause he did not finish paying lobola and in less than 2yrs it was over,i use an attorney and everything is slow,we also had business together,plz assist

  2. Hi dear. I have been there but I can really say God did help me.At that time i was not working,mother of 4 young children, being in my fist year of nursing. There was no physical violence in my marriage but emotional abuse.Being a pastor s wife i did spend a lot of time in prayer asking God to fix my marriage ,if I have to divorce or stay, until such a time I felt that the marriage was over.we sat both and decided that we cannot be together anymore . To cut the story short we went to family court and submitted our problem. We didnt have money for loyers so it was for free. Within 2 month we went to court and after a month our divorce was concluded.We shared what we had.i got custody of the kids. I felt a load was taken away from my shoulders. It is now 12 yrs and I don’t regret.But I had a great support from my family ,financially as well. I managed to finish my nursing and got a job. My kids are growned now though they are still studying . O wish I can explain more.

  3. I agree with you on its better if u loose your partner thru death than divorce cause they become so malicious and you see their worst side because they literally become spiteful

  4. I am 21 and got into the stupidity of dating. I was financially abused by my bf at the time, however, I had knowledge on dating, abuse in dating from videos like yours, vho-Netshandama and Benjamin zulu. Hence, I told the guy straight away Uri I won’t be abused in any way or settle for any abuse. I love you wish young people would subscribe to content like this instead of the exchange phone between partners or pranks.

  5. I have been there I understand very well and agreeing with you the therapy helps a lot through out the journey πŸ’―%… Keep well sis❀️

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