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  2. Free the men from draconian divorce laws. Well that’s not going to happen, so let marriage die as an institution. Educate the kids to never get married, showing how destructive it is for men. Second, never father any kids even by mistake.

  3. Congratulations to all who are free again. Marriage is an outdated tool for survival, now it is just a novelty with no purpose that far too many people get trapped in due to societal expectations and it causes untold needless suffering. If anything a marriage should be like a mortgage. A short term agreement with set intervals of renewal based on the ever changing interest rate.

    The real tragedy is not the increase in divorce, the real tragedy is that people still lock themselves into this medieval torture device called marriage.

  4. I’ve been happily married for 11 years with 3 beautiful kids but I became scared for our children. I believe marriage is dangerous in this day of age. There just isn’t trust, commitment, respect as much anymore and both roles male and female are clashing, too many temptations that are causing people to cheat with dating apps. Social media and TV is causing people to believe unrealistic expectations and love has become a fake product people can pretend to be whoever they want on dating sites and rush relationships without understanding once life goals. Family’s are being destroyed and will effect our children in the future.

  5. Stay single . If you are a man your always the asshole in a divorce. Society treats women like dumbfounded innocent 😇.

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