Divorce Rights For Married Women In India – Legal Rights 101 With YourInstaLawyer

Divorce Rights For Married Women In India – Legal Rights 101 With YourInstaLawyer

In this first video of our brand new series Legal Rights 101 by YourInstaLawyer, Tanya Appachu talks about the general #divorcerights that are available for you as a woman in India. Divorce is a long drawn complicated process that needs you to be tough, resilient, and also be informed about so many aspects from the legal perspective.
After watching this video, you would be aware of:
What is #interimmaintenance and when to apply for it?
How is interim maintenance different from alimony?
When can you get your #alimony and how much one can get?
What you should know about child support?
What right do you have on #stridhan, and what can you do if your in-laws are not giving your stridhan?

The information in this video can make the process a tad bit easier and help you make a better decision when it comes to your divorce.

“I am Tanya Appachu, a lawyer, and mom to a 2 year old.
I quit corporate when my daughter was born and have been freelancing since.
I’m a feminist and passionate about advocating equal rights and empowerment of women. I now aim to make women’s rights and laws simple, easy and accessible to all, through my page @yourinstalawyer. I believe that a woman can be empowered when she is aware of her rights.”

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  1. umm i have a question. what if the propertywas built by the mans own money not involving a single penny from the womans income. will she still get half of everything?

  2. bloody hell! what type of equality is it if woman didn’t earn a single penny after marriage and the man has built everything with his hard work then why the hell after divorce woman receive that much for free and man is not in condition to ask for a single penny from her!

  3. I’m very grateful to #drusiabo who help me restore my broken marriage after so many years by the help of spiritual spell

  4. Stridhan given by men’s parents to the their daughter in law and when she is not daughter in law she shouldn’t have it.

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