Divorce Roadmap and Family Law Software

Divorce Roadmap and Family Law Software

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Getting organized and uploading data to your financial professional or attorney does not need to be difficult. This is an introduction to how you can gain access to the family law software program through our office.
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Check out YouTube video (https://youtu.be/JOqCGK6JnX8) to save yourself years of headache and regret through your divorce.

As this is the largest financial transaction of your life…why RISK it?

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Over the past two decades we have learned that every divorce has TWO components:

1. Your divorce is as unique as you – what may have worked for your friends or family members, probably won’t work for you…that’s the BAD news.

2. Almost every divorce has the same THREE components…that’s the GOOD news!

Save yourself time and MONEY by learning what what these issues are & how to successfully navigate your divorce. As a tax & financial expert – I have had the unique experience, working with divorce attorneys and their clients develop defensible financial reports so they can achieve the most fair settlement possible.

We are now GIVING away this information for FREE – you just need to take the first step!

Our courses are designed to help you:

1. Find the BEST family law attorney for you
2. Save MONEY
3. Understand the divorce process in your state
4. Learn how to apply the rules of taxation to save you and your ex-spouse THOUSANDS of dollars
5. Avoid making the biggest mistakes most people make in divorce
6. The six step process to help you prepare for your divorce
7. QDROS, retirement account division & property division
8. Alimony buy-out calculations
9. Best case scenario parenting plans
10. How to use property division in lieu of alimony
11. and A LOT MORE!!

We love what we do & we hope you will as well. Download our roadmap, start our courses & let’s start learning together today.


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