Divorce Support- Resources Parents Need to Know,,, How parents can see to decide right!

Divorce Support- Resources Parents Need to Know,,, How parents can see to decide right!

www.DivorceView.com with co-hosts, Rosalind Sedacca and Joanie Winberg

Guest: Terry McNiff, not your usual Family Law Attorney, author of Picture Your Divorce to See The Right Decisions.

Today’s show… Resources Parents Need to Know

Topics discussed:
– How divorced parents lose their rights
– Does the legal system encourage divorcing couples to fight back and not get along?
– Do children suffer from the “custody evaluation process” that is recommended by the courts?
– How to visually see and understand the REAL consequences of divorce.
– Empowering parents to choose a different path concerning divorce other than a lawyer and the court system.
– See and know the right decisions before rushing into a divorce
– Do you want your children to grow up feeling that you and your ex ruined their lives because of the way you handled your divorce?

Tune in for much, much more!!

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Rosalind and Joanie
The Divorce Mentor Team

A quote about Joanie and Rosalind from Joan Rogliano, a Real Estate Divorce Specialist, “You two are wonderful- so real and warm- yet serious about this important work you are doing.”


  1. Rosalind and Joanie,
    Thanks so much for inviting me to join your distinguished panel of experts on your
    Divorce View Talk Show.

    You’ve gathered the best innovative divorce support for the millions of couples who need help.
    Divorcing couples can learn all they need to know by following your professional guidance.

  2. This was a powerful interview note to be missed by any parents contemplating divorce or in the process. Attorney McNiff really cares about family outcomes and his advice is crucial for all divorcing parents.

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