1. Narcissists can get remarried real fast and have kids and the rebound can last 40 plus years, but love has nothing to do with it, they remarry for spite, to someone they can control and abuse a needy clingy person that can not think for their self, Clay Schrimsher is proving of that, after what him and his family done to his first wife, who got away from him, Hell will expand when those people cross over XD

  2. I agree everything was spot I don’t believe a soul mate exist in today’s world but yeah I’ll say it’s more for convenience that person was just there and not healing ❤️‍🩹 from the first marriage I’m not getting married again, just going to date.

  3. Your locs are beautiful and I love the unique aspects of your accent. (I’m from England so I notice this more). Sista you got it going on, do you. Your video content is on point.

  4. I divorced my ex husband a few months ago and he remarried 3 months after we divorced.. We were married 27 years. This new lady is his 3rd wife..but for some reason he sends me personal pictures of them together.. I don’t understand WHY!

  5. This is exactly what my wife is doing right now AND she thinks it’s the will of God..
    And we aren’t even divorced yet

  6. My ex husband and I were married for 16 years. He remarried 3 years after divorce to a woman who is 20 years younger than him. I’m still single and continue to work on myself. My friends think his 2nd marriage is doomed for failure.

  7. Either way Karma and reaping what they sowed will come upon them.. because these idiots are taking vows in front of God..and jumping from branch to branch I raised my exes son and our 4 between us and she abandoned a 20 yr marriage for the streets.. now she homeless living in a hotel with her new husband.. she did it all in spite and resources … She left a God ordained marriage and kids.. I can’t take her back now .. because wayyy to many people been through her…and now the kids are grown and gone and don’t talk to her…

  8. Preach sister the truth! Won’t make anyone stop from doing it though because most people are moved and manipulated by emotions.

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