Divorce & The Catholic Church

Divorce & The Catholic Church

Every marriage is a sacred legal contract between two people. Catholic marriages are no different in that sense. But on top of that, a marriage in the Catholic Church is a Sacrament, which provides an indescribable strength and holiness to the bond but also complicates matters if the marriage falls apart.
Fr. Scott shares some reflections on divorce and hopefully provides some clarity about matters that are often misunderstood.


  1. If someone’s sacrament of marriage is annulled, why can they no longer have the sacrament of communion and the right to be buried in a Catholic cemetery?
    Looking forward to part 2

  2. Relationships aren’t perfect. The first union between Adam and Eve was a byproduct of their own doing. All pairings between men and women are based on sex. If it doesn’t work out in the long run, God had said no.

  3. unfortunately, although I would love to marry it’s far too dangerous in today’s day and age. I wouldn’t mind the religious ceremony, but I don’t want the government (and in particular the marriage laws) in my life. It used to be that people would stick together through thick and thin. I could never imagine my mother saying "i just fell out of love". The divorce rates are astronomical, and losing 1/2 my assets and access to my children (in the future) is far too much of a gamble to risk. The church should consider not involving government in the sacrament between man, woman and God. The benefits of divorce incentivizes it for many woman, who for the most part are the instigators of divorce

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