Divorce UK (England & Wales) | UK Divorce Process and Overview Explained PART 1

Divorce UK (England & Wales) | UK Divorce Process and Overview Explained PART 1

Overview of Divorce in UK (England and Wales).

This is Part 1 in my Divorce law explainer series, focusing on the overarching divorce law in the UK including grounds for divorce, such as adultery, unreasonable behaviour, separation and desertion. I also cover the broad aspects of divorce jurisdiction for UK courts and the 1-year rule for divorce.

Subscribe for Part 2 – I will cover the procedure and process of filing and petitioning for divorce, from decree nisi to decree absolute.

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  1. Yes! This is a complex area. Suggestion: ‘marriage’ is separated from love, sex & lust, but is seen as a purely business partnership (without limit upon liability) between two people. (Business rules apply: breach of contract, etc..) This argument is to be developed.
    The girl that recently got married to herself? I await her divorce with bated breath!

  2. As a teenager I like to watch these videos as more of a guide to what my limits are, as im obviously not too clear with many smaller things to do with the law, just nice to maybe have a few of these facts in all of these videos for any future situations. Keep these videos coming, they are very interesting!

  3. I never thought I would be listening to someone talk about law on Youtube but you the way you present your "law bytes", as I call them, keeps it interesting, to the point, easy to understand and not too long to bore me. I think what you are doing is a great service. I just wish I’d had access to a Black Belt Barrister channel many years ago πŸ™‚

    Will you be doing anything covering family law? Now there’s a tangled web to unravel…

  4. My ex girlfriend asked me to marry her on a leap year. She said a female can ask to marry you on a leap year. If you say no you have to buy her a present. I bought her a rampant rabbit out of Ann Summers 🀣πŸ₯°πŸ‘‹

  5. Really enjoy these videos after a day’s work. Great way to relax and learn something very useful. As a suggestion for a topic, can you do a video on parking law, especially the law around double yellow lines. Am I right in thinking that if they are broken, i.e. One or both of the lines is missing it’s yellow paint or there is no bar at the end they are not legally enforcable.

  6. I find it disappointing how many people are saying don’t get married… what I’m taking from this video is not to get divorced! Thanks for the content again.

  7. Huge congrats on reaching 20k subscribers Daniel. Even though my EX wife was the adulterous one, it still cost me Β£127k!

  8. The first quarter of the year was all about survival with many achievements not met but you have to be ready for second quarter and it begins right now by making a move to achieve your goals…If you have been saving and it’s not really getting you to were you want to be, then invest that money today for a better life tomorrow. If you can’t fly, run, if you can’t run walk, if you can’t walk crawl but just try and move to achieving your goals.

  9. The family courts of England and Wales are corrupt to the core, men stand no chance against against this corruption, so guy’s DON’T GET MARRIED!

  10. The domicile thing is why the U.K. has become the divorce capital of the world with wives of Russian oligarchs divorcing here for big payouts. A bit ridiculous really. Best decision to make is to just not get married and not give another person legal claws into your future life.

  11. I was with my partner for 19years and had a mortgage and a small child at the time! We were not married! We got on well together without being married! My partner died at work ! I now have a boyfriend I don’t live with that I’ve been with for 10years! Don’t feel the need to get married! Sometimes things work better not being married! My son is 25 now and still lives with me! My home is payed for in full no mortgage! I’ve gave my son half the house! We went to the solicitors and sorted it! Thinking ahead should I later need to go into care! Because thay will take my home to pay for it,

  12. Don’t forget the case when an opposite sex spouse has sex with a same sex partner. This is also not adultery under law. The law is hopelessly out of date on this. What really annoys me is that a spouse can behave almost as badly as they want and still be entitled to half the estate in the divorce. A wife could sleep with a whole football team and still be entitled to half. How can that ever be fair?

  13. Could you please explain what happens to premarital assets when you are divorcing someone of 20+years for unreasonable behaviour and have 2+years separation and abandonment. Do they have a claim to something they never owned? Can one protect themselves against malicious intent at this point?

  14. too old and weird to think about marriage these days.
    but you just said enough to stop me getting fresh
    ideas beyond reality. :).

  15. There should be instant divorce for ideological incompatibility, anyone who has a wife who becomes a lefty-woke socialist will know what I am talking about, it’s just hideous.

  16. Hi blackbelt barrister,

    Can you do a video on the legality of searches at airports please???
    Do you have the right to refuse and is it lawful!

  17. Worst experience you will ever go through. Don’t get into a fight over stuff, give HER everything, and keep your sanity.

  18. πŸ§‘β€βš–β€ πŸ‘©β€βš–β€ πŸ‘¨β€βš–β€ πŸ‘©β€βš–β€ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  19. Here’s quite a specific question relating to the division of assets upon getting divorced. If you had a large pension pot, say over 2m and your wife had 0. If you got divorced before retiring would your wife get 1m and thus you would avoid having to pay the penalties for being over the LTA.

  20. I have a future topic for you – What single people (without kids) who move in with a homeowner can do to help prevent homelessness, if the relationship breaks down. What protections are there please?

  21. 110 % anti male the British system in totally bent not far and not just its far better to lie your head off the tell the truth

  22. I have a question is the UK "a at fault" or "no fault" that will have an impact on child support or spousal support?

  23. a very good reason NEVER to get married ! in the future marriages will all be done in courts ? and don t forget to mention the DIVORCE got V A T on all costs ! Lawyers for Lawyers !

  24. Honestly – just wait until the Autumn. It will be a free for all – the courts will be clogged up with divorce petitions. I think it will pretty much make marriage pointless when anyone can just leave.

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