Divorce with a pending I-751 Removal of Conditions: Why you NEED to tell USCIS! [LIVE Q&A]

Divorce with a pending I-751 Removal of Conditions: Why you NEED to tell USCIS! [LIVE Q&A]

If you are applying for your I-751 Removal of conditions, but your marriage isn’t working out, should you tell USCIS you’re getting divorced? Moumita talks about why you need to talk to an immigration lawyer about your options and answers live immigration questions from her viewers!

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Moumita Rahman is an immigration attorney who focuses on helping men and women successfully file their VAWA Self-Petitions. Click the links below to learn more about the VAWA process and how to win your VAWA case!

👉 Your VAWA Self Petition (The COMPLETE Guide): https://youtu.be/zSXmigeQnZE
👉 How to WIN your VAWA case! [Get approved FAST]: https://youtu.be/x3j46wWxH1U
👉 VAWA For Men [Get Your Green Card!]: https://youtu.be/vG51JcFl0H8

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  2. Greetings. I got my interview done at USCIS India but the officer did not tell me whether the case is denied or approved rather said that it would take some time to process and they would let us know through the mail. What does that mean? Is it denied or approved? what next. Appreciated your kind reply. It is a very very distressing and frustrating situation. We have been living on two different shores for almost 6 years. What are the next steps?

  3. Im trying to talk with Johnny who works with you atty. pls allow me to consult to you today. Regarding important matter. Pls

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