Divorcing a Narcissist. Top Divorce lawyers share tips – Susan Guthrie and Rebecca Zung

Divorcing a Narcissist. Top Divorce lawyers share tips – Susan Guthrie and Rebecca Zung

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Today my two guests Susan Guthrie and Rebecca Zung hosts of iTunes Top 10 Podcast, Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast will share with us the things you need to understand about divorcing a narcissist.
Does cheating effect my divorce? What questions do I need to ask a potential lawyer? What are some examples of things that narcissists pull in court. Learn how to protect yourself and your childrens future.

Susan E. Guthrie, Esq.
Susan Guthrie, recently named as a 2018 Top Attorney in the USA in the fields of Family Law and Mediation by Lawyers of Distinction, is a divorce innovation specialist focused on helping couples to divorce and separate in a respectful and efficient manner. In her almost 30 years of practice she has worked with thousands of individuals and families, helping them to navigate their way through the difficult process of divorce in order to move forward with their lives in the best way possible.
Susan, along with her co-host, fellow top attorney Rebecca Zung, recently launched the iTunes Top 10 Podcast, Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast which provides a fresh perspective on the divorce process and is revolutionizing the conversation about divorce. You can listen to the podcast here https://apple.co/2vLf2QQ.
Susan and Rebecca founded and launched Breaking Free Divorce Mediation Services, Inc., the nation’s first divorce mediation service incorporating a mindfulness component to assist participants in dealing with the high emotional content of the divorce process. Breaking Free Mediation offers both online mediation services as well as in person mediation with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Naples and Greenwich. More information can be found at www.breakingfreemediation.com.

Rebecca Zung, Esq. Bio

U.S. News and Best Lawyer in America honoree, Rebecca Zung, has been revolutionizing the conversation® about divorce since 1999, and has been privileged to guide thousands who were stuck in divorce, drama, trauma and chaos to step into lives of freedom, possibility, prosperity and purpose. Now based in Los Angeles, she is continuing to serve the divorcing population through Breaking Free Mediation, the very first mediation centers to offer a mindful mediation track as well as traditional mediation.

*Author of bestselling book Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide for Achieving Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Freedom, Rebecca is also acknowledged by her peers and the judiciary as one of the top 1%* of divorce attorneys in America.

Hi! My Name is Tracy A. Malone, founder of Narcissist Abuse Support and I’m here to help! 🙂

WEBSITE – resources for victims – http://narcissistabusesupport.com

Buy my book DIVORCING YOUR NARCISSIST: You Can’t Make This Shit Up! – https://amzn.to/3wB1RQA

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All statements made in this video are expressions of the opinion of the speaker, and should be regarded as such. The video is made to serve a therapeutic purpose for the speaker or speakers and to assist others in recognizing and dealing with matters in their own lives which they believe may be similar.

I’m a survivor of Narcissistic abuse and my goal with this channel is to educate other “victims” as they transition to becoming a “survivor”. I believe that education is our best way to heal, and the best way to not become a victim or supply to another narcissist.

Please note: I am not a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or coach so use this information as my own personal journey of healing and the information that has been shared with me by friends, other YouTubers, groups and community. This video is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition, if you believe you or a loved one is suffering from narcissistic abuse please use seek any help from your community.


  1. send james a dm on ig @ blonde_hacker_ if you require the service of an hacker to help spy on your cheating spouse, he helped me catch my cheating spouse

  2. I have an attorney for my divorce and I have gotten nowhere after one year except for another bill for money while looking at my bill that he sent me I seen where he allegedly spoke to my husband’s attorney it’s sated did not want divorce to hold out could not speak why charging me for that call and never told me anything I feel that the lawyers are playing back and forth just to get money he is incarcerated and he’s not to have any contact with me I don’t understand why a judge would not give us the divorce

  3. My attorny told me character doesn’t matter and cheating didn’t matter and hiding money isn’t an issue I’m guessing becsue I asked about getting a private investigator! He said not to do that! He was hiding money!!!!

  4. So what do I do if I’m broke! I can’t even afford to move on my own. I work fulltime. But even the prices of apts. Are super expensive. I’ve looked into finding a room to rent. I’m at a loss

  5. I don’t understand what my ex is and why he has been doing those things until I watched this. Thank you. I got ptsd because of what happened. Hope we can get healed

  6. Definitely thankful to be able to listen to this! Praying to not need this info, but thankful for it, if it ends up being needed! (In NC, I have to be separated for 1yr before I can get divorced. Been separated just under 2mo.)

  7. send james a dm on ig @ blonde_hacker_ if you require the service of an hacker to help spy on your cheating spouse, he helped me catch my cheating spouse

  8. I am on my second lawyer. He is helpfull and does not take advantage of me. We had to request trial because my husband dragged out not showing paper work and refuses to give me my share of interest on the house and bullion.

  9. Love is awesome but smartness is much more important in a relationship. There’s a popular saying that “don’t trust too much because that too much might hurt you so much”. I discovered my husband was cheating on me through the help of an ethical hacker ( Cyberhackingsage )who helped cloned his cellphone and i was able to read his messages and uncover my husband’s infidelity without having to touch his phone. It was a sad experience for me but I’m glad i found out all his secrets and how he planned on using this Pandemic to get back at me. All i did was share my husband’s cell number with Cyberhackingsage and i got access to his Facebook, WhatsApp, GPS location, Call Logs and Text Messages (both deleted and incoming ones) with a remote link to a programmed Application on my phone. I’m here in Florida and able to access my husband’s phone…even while he was away in Canada cheating on me. Thanks to Cyberhackingsage, now i have enough evidence for my divorce. You can contact them Via Gmail ( cyberhackingsage@gmail )Or Text and WhatsApp them on +15713758467…thank me later.

  10. I wish i had this info back in the 80’s when I divorced. I recently was sent my file and papers sent to address ‘s i was not at anymore.

  11. Narcs have no conscience, they will do wherever it takes to win. These people are demons! Manipulators! Cheaters! Liars! They will manipulate both lawyers, and will play the victim to the judge and everyone involved if they have to.

  12. I’m dealing with the narcissist and I had several lawyers who got paid from the narc who as alot of money and she did cheat I got police report and CAS reports and I can’t put it in my court file something wrong in the system in Canada but she does everything to kill me and alienation from my children. And it’s been going on for 6,5 years now I need help to how to prove the proof in the court with judges. My court file tells everything deferently what happened why should I do for this because I might loose my childrens and am always been the parent for them not her, I need help really bad I’m been representing myself for the last 4 years in court and I got screwed from all the lawyers who promise me big thing and never did nothing for me on papers and in court, I had 5 lawyers and never of them put there name on my court file and last one was crying on the phone he was scare of her so he brought me to court to remove him self and never hurd of him after. Something wrong here I NEED HELP PLEASE it’s all about control with her kids don’t need to live that at all, it’s really hard to live this.
    And everyone is telling to get the right lawyer how can you find the right lawyer, I went from 400$ and hour to 125$ hour. And they are scare of dealing with this type of person and I know what I went through since 2014. But no one are strong anough to do it. What should I do ??????
    She was violent with me and my daughter saw her hit me, and I was abuse verbally ,mentally, and etc… No one take this seriously because am a man. I know she as alot of money to control everything on her behalf but removed the money she’s nothing. I can tell you guys alot more but it won’t end. I just need a special lawyer to be able to deal with my case for my trial and not to be scared of the other side and just go at it.

  13. Can there be a request to not slander each other name added to the marital dissolution agreement???

  14. Wow! This is good and so true! I wish I could have heard this 12 years ago when I first discovered my ex’s double life!!!

  15. Is there such a thing as jeopardizing of wellness, of kid’s/spouse, for example, during these times of quarantine/Covid, knowingly still spouse/partner continue having affairs?

  16. I love that you ladies are so familiar with this type of behavior. I felt like my lawyer knew somewhat, but my ex was really shocking throughout the trial. I feel like you don’t know what this is until you have truest experienced it!

  17. I had The Worst Narsacist Ex Husband divorce !! He hired a lawyer he didn’t like him ,& fired him & represented him self in trial & judge saw right through him Thank God .Ex mad

  18. I’m sorry I disliked tour video but I’ve been trying to do some research for my sister 😭😢😩 I’m sorry but I find y’all insights sooooooooo very helpful!!!!

  19. Mine was pd in the end to hold on to an evaluation without my knowledge. He sent it 5 years later and said if i filed an appeal he would deny knowing anything.

  20. I had a so so attorney in the beginning due to the PFA I had to file just to get away, then I had to hire an attorney Bc he placed a counter PFA on me. I can no longer afford my attorney but i was left home watching his kids while he was out whining & dining the mistress to the point she showed up at court with him. This has been going on thru the breakdown of the marriage & spending marital assets. Can I do anything?

  21. Thank you three smart, beautiful ladies.
    This is exactly what I need right now.

    I am in Australia and sadly, it appears very few people know about Narcissism here.
    I had a free lawyer visit yesterday for advice on a letter I received. I asked them if interviewing lawyers to see if they’re a good fit for my situation is an option and they said you can certainly do that, but it will cost. For them, their fee was $400.
    And then I mentioned experience in high conflict cases, and they said, “ All divorce cases are high conflict.” So disheartening.

  22. I’m married to a narrcisist! He fractured my nose in 2 places about a year ago. He badgered me into dropping the charges. Biggest mistake of my life. He’s cheated on me at least 4 times that I know of. I keep screen shots to a private email and send them to several friends to keep in a file in case something happens to me

  23. Not for the man!! My husband moved his nurse with a purse into our home!! I was left homeless!

  24. I live in an area where there is only a divorce master who’s only job is to get you divorced. It didn’t matter that I proved that a lot of money went missing from our accounts, It didn’t matter that there were bank accounts I never knew about. I finally agreed to give up a lot in order to move on with my life otherwise I would have to take him to court which would cost a lot of money. My ex’s father was a judge in our area and his niece and brother are lawyers as well. I still had to have my case heard in this area. I do believe that I had a good attorney but the system is very broken.

  25. Never will be justice for us chumped and dumped by a cheating narcissist. Best thing is to get free and rebuild.

  26. This stuff youguys! Webdont have $$$… However we have a fister child thatis her great gteat niece. So, now im "not her mother" and cant have visitation… This is the one thing CPAN is using to influct pain. All under the guise of "whats best" … for them…

  27. Do you have any videos on going back to court post divorce with that narcissist, and wishing you knew then what you know now, ply?

  28. Hi. I’m Married for 33 yrs and do I really need a lawyer to get maintenance??. I have no income.

  29. My lawyer is a narcissist too! His lawyer is the master of all narcissists, i find that by ignoring I am getting ahead. At least I think ahahshsh I just want peace and love!

  30. Question: while I was getting my paper work ready for discovery, I noticed thousands of dollars had been taken from our joint account placed into a credit card Solely in his name & I never had knowledge of this account or access & this was all the same year he wasn’t paying our rent & we ended up with a judgment when he made over 100k alone & I became very ill that year, how do I go about showing this? I can’t afford an attorney & am going the battle alone so any help is appreciated!

  31. Had a Geman Mother In Law that was a Narcisse , after 4 Years of Marriage , she still came to my House and Job everyday for next 40 Years trying to control and ruin my Life , Married another 13 years Later , been Married for 28 Years getting ready to go through a Devorce shortly.. He has everything , out smearing Name , I haven’t anywhere for Years. I live 3.5 Hours away from him , in a Dump he threw us , he still 3 to 4 hours to go around Town to talk bad about , and to see if I’ve been out. Crazy Crap.

  32. Fault shouldn’t exist because narcissists are dirty and crazy. My ex set up fake dating site profiles when he found out I planned to leave him. Then he smeared me to the court and his lawyer and our kids GAL, and I hadn’t done anything. He took screenshots of these ridiculous fake accounts. It wasn’t fair and I’m still ticked off at how ignorant the court really is. They need to be educated in narcissism and they need to be educated like twelve years+ ago.

  33. Female narcissists are horrible people who lie, cheat and will ruin lifes wherever they are.

  34. funny how this is one sided, always the poor woman, well the case is on the other foot, but in court, it is always about the poor woman.

  35. I feel I am in a good position. I have a job that is secure, and pays enough for me to live on my own. We have no minor children. He has a small business, that is doing well, but will give him no long term security. I am still hoping he comes to his senses, and changes. Although, I know that possibility is slim.
    For years, he threatened me with divorce. Now, I have started the process of separation, he is dragging his feet. We are going to end up in court. I pray every day for reconciliation, and continue to make steps to extricate myself from this marriage.

  36. Ex made a fool of him self & tried to throw low blows when he had to ask me about my health issues, & Judge put him in his place & threatened to put him in contempt a number of times..Then Ex hired another lawyer that was a A__ __ & he threatened me if I felt more papers , pice report they would take my children..& then the day came that Destroyed My World& Stabbed Me In the Heart. My Heart actually Hurt!!They told lied & he manipulated my kids took my kids to live with him .I had no money & emotionallya basket case Thdy say a Narsacist will Destroy you to the end! Years later, things turned out good with kids but still see the power ,& control he has with them ..And who did I met & years later marry Oh yes another Narsacist that I just found out who he really is. MY EYES are Open know. I SEE HIM ..His masks off

  37. My mediation was bizarre but my lawyer prepared me for that. He said it was just a check mark that we needed to do to get to the trial. It was immediately clear that he wasn’t going to settle. His final offer was that he got all of our assets (we owned 2 homes, 2 cars, and a camper), I’d get all of the debt, I’d give him $20,000, and he would let me rent one of the houses from him at fair market value. What?!? It was a joke. My offer was 50/50.
    The neat thing that happened was I asked for the house that I didn’t want so when I was awarded the one that I actually wanted, he felt like he won. It wasn’t planned that way… it just worked!

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