Divorcing a Wife – What To Consider Before You Start Your Divorce

Divorcing a Wife – What To Consider Before You Start Your Divorce

Divorcing a wife is never an easy decision to make. Before you decide to go that route, let divorce expert Matt O’Connell advise you on what to consider and how to make the process go more smoothly and cheaply than you might expect.

More divorce advice from Matt can be found here: http://www.GreatDivorceAdvice.com/guideb.htm


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  6. Do I have to pay alimony if my wife is the one that leaves the relationship and doesn’t want to try to fix things? She leaves the my house and moves away with kids.

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    How long is a consensual divorce in New York State with no children or anything in common?

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  22. Matt – Your information is all good, however, your website is very difficult to assist in contacting you. What is the number I can call to get some urgent help? Thank you!

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