1. Its going to be so hard to coparent with my ex. I want nothing to do with him. Hes made this divorce miserable. I just wanted everything to be 50/50 and be done. Now hes pulling me through the ringer. All while im pregnant and trying to find a job and we have another 1 year old daughter together.

  2. These ridiculous situation are easy to avoid. Just don’t get married, don’t have kids or stay the heck together or married, especially if a baby is on the way, even if you don’t get along with your current partner or spouse. There is no forever bliss or happiness in a relationship. Emotions constantly change and people will always have things about them that the other partner will not like. Decisions, especially wanting to get a divorce, should not be made solely on emotions alone. Logic and common sense should supersede any other factors in these dumb situations.

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