Do Dads Get Screwed in Divorce Court? 3 Things A FATHER MUST DO in a Child Custody Case

Do Dads Get Screwed in Divorce Court? 3 Things A FATHER MUST DO in a Child Custody Case

Do dad’s get screwed in divorce court?
This is a question I wished I would have taken more seriously. Child custody for fathers is something that Steve Mayeda knows all too well. There is no doubt that feminism has created an uproar for men. The divorce courts are tilted the wrong way. Divorce court in 2019 things are not different. Attempting child custody without a lawyer is a major problem. Don’t do it! Family court is usually the wrong way to solve this problem, but it is where many of us end up.

Steve Mayeda is a men’s coach in Austin TX. He is a BJJ, Wim Hof and Wujifa practitioner. He has 4 boys and loves his job of being a men’s coach.

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  1. Nope. You guys get to be the good time parent and you have enough time to start a new relationship and nurture other aspects of your lives. Most men find partners more quickly after divorce. The money they pay for child support is never equal to what he wouldve paid of he were still married and in the same household.

  2. I too live in Austin and going through a horrible divorce and need help. I’m not from here and now I’m getting my own apt and having trouble focusing at work and keeping my wits. I totally feel alone and like I’m getting screwed . I filed for divorce and she already got her lawyer . I have not acquired one yet . I’m just beside myself

  3. I spent 11 years in court…107 appearances…my X family is worth millions, and they spent $350,000 trying to destroy me, and try to destroy my relationship with my kids. The X tried to move my kids away from me, tried to get my kids to refer to her boyfriend ( guy she cheated with ) as Dad. I lost my business, more importantly I lost my kids to 4.5 days a month…I jumped thru hoop after hoop to see my kids. The saving grace came down to 2 things…After 5 guardian ad litems that tore the Female judge a new asshole, and the fact that 2 of my 3 kids were Boys. When I started my Divorce my kids were 3,5,7 oldest being my daughter. Once my Sons got older and started figuring out what their mother had done, and how she put us thru hell my two Sons were done with her….was nothing I could do to stop that runaway train. My Daughter and as Daughters do have a tough time recognizing bullshit. Just in the past couple years my Daughter has started to perfect her shit filter. As for my Sons now 20 and 22 one being a College football player and the other Motocross/supercross racer want absolutely nothing to do with the mother…it’s has come to the point they have expressed an abundance of hatred towards her, and are very stern with there sister. Keep in mind Dads, the system is totally against you, these Judges don’t want the Dad in these kids lives but that couple hour mid week visitation and every other weekend. Also, go to the law read read Divorce and case law…know this shit inside and out…Divorce Attorney as typically pieces of shit, meaning you are going to spend alot of mon, do most of the work. go to court and get your ass kicked 99% of the time if you don’t educate yourself….never ever take the shit that spews from Attorney’s mouth as the gospel….Also, probably the best advice as far as Attorney’s go…if you any kind of inkling that your spouse is thinking Divorce, take a couple days off and make an appointment with EVERY Divorce Attorney you can….remember, if you’ve talked to him or her, your soon to be X cannot hire them, keep a GOOD journal when you spoke with this Attorney, write EVERYTHING DOWN. One last thing, don’t be an ass infront of the Judge, but equally as important DO NOT BE A PUSHOVER…LET THE COURT, HER ATTORNEY, AND YOUR SOON TO BE X KNOW, SHITS GONNA GET REAL, AND YOU ARE YOUR KIDS Dad!!! My Sons view me now as one Bad ass DAD, and thank me for not giving up!!!

  4. Use the system and stack your ex with dozens of legal motions to overwhelm them in court, then they lose thier temper in court and that is where you hot em

  5. @SteveMayeda, Aussie man here. I’ve just come across your channel on a search relating to what you talk about here…

    I’m minutes in and already luv ya mate.
    Thank you and bless you man 🙏❤

  6. The worst decision you can make is getting married! That is a legal contract! That way you get to keep your assets.
    If you have kids, good luck, you’re screwed in most cases. My opinion.

  7. I’d file briefings,one motion for the judge not to parental basis gender at issue,two motion for court judge to disclose judging ruling history, and if I find a history, file a legal motion to insist the judge put both the parents under the same burden of proof to be considered competent parents,if judge denies I’d resirt to a legal suit of civil right violations, against the judge,and ex for multiple constitutional violations

  8. yea. what do you do when you are framed, arrested and charged with child abuse with guns . my ex literally called the police and framed me saying I did this shit. police arrested me with out even investigation and put me in jail. I denied it yet there is hard evidence of her lying but the police turn a blind eye

  9. Steve how did you do this. I have lost my cool and have said things that weren’t threats but more warnings. "If kids can’t have 1 their dad then they won’t have any parent.."
    "You are pushing me to my limits and everyone is about to feel the fury of a loving dad"
    And possibly vandalism charges but nothing has came of that yet.

    I am trying to keep a level head , but my babies are my world and my world is upside down right now.

    I have been in my step son’s life since he was 22 months going 2. He is 5 an a half now. Been in my babies life since they were in the womb kicking my hands…

    Now I have not seen them in 7 days straight. I missed my 6 month old first Thanksgiving. I have never missed holidays with my babies. My 2 year old is daddy’s little girl. Won’t let me ever put her down. Arm numb and still won’t let me let her go.

    I have been dropping off clothes and toys on their moms porch almost every other day. She won’t even send me a recent picture of them. 😭

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  11. the worst thing as a man is to do is let a woman and the state screw you and not fight for your kid or kids…they sit up and said…the word or could get her off of 4 plus years of giving out wrong addresses and kidnapping the child on joint custody….its illegal…look it up

  12. I’m not going to lie to man I been watching your videos for a while I can’t afford your program but I feel like you can help me and I am interested please help

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