1. Today. I received the worse call ever. My brother in law accused me that I received my husband pension. When I have no idea what is that. But anyways. If I were receiving my husband’s pension. It’s my right. I’m not stealing anything from anyone, but I’m not receiving or social secure no pension

  2. I’ Scared I’m 74 and married 34 years 2 kids gone and disabled on ony SS of $1500 thats it. Wife is corparate director still working making $165k a year and just turned 66 wants to work to at least 68 maybe70. Has right now $650K in 401k and by 68 will have $750k. Just give me an idea if Im going to be alright if she wants out Our assets are $500k cash in real estate net if sold. Thank You

  3. Yeah my divorce my wife got half of my pension trouble is I put her through school and she didn’t have her job yet she wasn’t quite done with school and now she gets her pension and half of mine.

  4. Could you put the state not just the counties please. It would help to know if this applies in my state

  5. I got half my spouses pension as alimony. If he dies I should get it all since my career suffered for his.

  6. I was married for 22 years and divorced for 8 years. My ex-husband just died, I found out he has been receiving 2 pensions from companies he used to work for when we were married. Do I have any rights to it? I have never remarried. Thank you

  7. In a divorce agreement the pension issue is taken care of. Spouse was given check from pension for half of the pension. Can that spouse go after more? I m curious. I have a friend in this position. I think it’s finished business for her

  8. My wife and I are married for 20 years. We decided to divorce and she and my son wants to stay in our house. House is not completely paid for. What should I do. Ok it or force to sale it.

  9. Yeah, which 10 years????? Because the most of that pension was saved later in the career, NOT at the beginnig.

  10. Hello. Can I transfer my ex-spouses retirement benefit over to my account at this time to my retirement account? I am 62 and I plan to retire soon. Please let me know. She has not retired. I don’t know when she plans to retire.

  11. I was awarded half of my husband’s pension in my divorce decree one year ago. How long does it take to receive it because I haven’t yet. My lawyer has sepenia his company but they have yet to give it to me. They have the copies of divorce decree with the amount I’m to receive but haven’t released it to me. What do I do, my lawyer hasn’t completed my divorce until this is done. It shouldn’t take this long and it’s going on 2 years. Is it my lawyers fault or the company. Do I need to go back to court. Please need advice on what to from here, wait it out. When I need my half of of the pension now to survive off of. 🤦‍♀️🙏❤🙏👍🥰😔

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