1. Yes, get married before GOD according to The HOLY BIBLE and do not let a judge in, that’s no where in The HOLY BIBLE and it’s like blasphemy because pastors say, “by the power invested in me by the great state of____” which is blasphemy or not biblical marriage but idolatrous making the courts god

  2. As if someone wants to be married to somebody for the rest of your life and if something was to happen they get no benefits No thank you. Get to know the person that you’re marrying and pay attention to everything. Get a prenup.

  3. 😬 yikes!! Don’t let your past experience taint your future relationship. Going into a marriage without trust makes it doomed from the start. I pray the same God you speak of heals your heart. ❤🙏🏼

  4. Lmfaooooo
    This why you fools shouldn’t marry just to marry someone!!!!
    You jaded sir.

  5. It’s all good till the other person dies now I can’t receive a wrongful death settlement I’m looked at as a stranger

  6. There are 2 marriages. Marriage covenant by God and marriage contract by man. The contracted one is a business or it is commercialised.

  7. It is true, though. Anything that has to do with marriage is outdated because women are no longer faithful, loyal, and will spite you just because they feel like it one day. They will literally ruin your life because you left the toilet seat up one too many times. Sadly, this happens more in the black community than any other. No, I’m not being racist, just pointing out a pattern.

    Modern women want traditional men, traditional paperwork, and traditional benefits, all while living an untraditional lifestyle. It is sad that they bitch that men need to be better all the while they become pigs themselves. I call them a Shrodinger feminist. They are all independent and don’t need a man until something happens they don’t like, and now, about suddenly, they are victims. It is all about equality until shit hits the fan.

    Marriage is not worth it unless you KNOW the woman is a good woman.

  8. it’s funny how you need both men and women needs to get married but yet it goes fully towards the women even if the men does everything right. I think its about time we need to have a change since now women wants abortion to be legal.

  9. Marriage is a fault it only benefit women an prosecute men an usually end in guy lossin most if not all there cash an kids altogether …the Marriage license say its a third party called Master that’s only interested in the state not man or woman wake up fokes.

  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this guy. You seem a lil butt hurt. The marriage license wasn’t the problem it was the woman. You can’t go around quoting scripture then go around leading people in the wrong direction

  11. I gave my brother and a friend that advice. It’s good to see other guys speaking the truth.

  12. I’m about to get “married” I don’t want a marriage license but I also have some concerns and it’s hard to find a female perspective.
    My reasons
    1) keeping Yahweh Elohim first
    2) I refuse to let the state get any more power than it already has- we are not a corporation.
    3) I’m transitioning to a Sovereign/national status
    4) in the event of conscious uncoupling I would NOT want any Alimony, child support or money. I would not take what is “his”
    5) I’m the bread winner and pay for everything anyway and take care of everything in the home
    6) I want my children to have the same freedoms and never allow the government to have control over their rights
    7) I currently work full time, maintain a homestead and will be homeschooling

    The way my fiancé and I have chosen to go about this is legal in all 50 states, that I’m not worried about.

    But my ✨QUESTION✨ is if I am NOt the female you are portraying in this video; example “take a mans power away” I’ve always wanted to do the opposite spiritually, emotionally, physically and build my husband and support his total well being: ✨What rights do I have with a Marrage Contract? ✨
    Say in the event of shit hits the fan, if this God fearing man is suddenly abusive, or one of us is sick/ has health concerns, property, children, any further needed proof of marriage throughout life? How can I articulate to my partner, our family and myself that sending a Marriage Notice to the county to be notarized, signing a marriage contract and now operating under this jurisdiction that that is still a safe path for me to take?

    I need a very technical understanding of this topic and resources are extremely scarce. Any lawyer I talk to operates under Admiralty law just can not comprehend what I’m asking.

    I’ve been praying for help+guidance as I’m faced with people calling me crazy for “not doing it the normal way”, and real concerns about my future and if it will come back to bite me in the ass.
    💕Advice and literature much appreciated. 💕

  13. You sound like you’re talking from pain not from the Holy Spirit . Praying for supernatural healing and peace in Jesus name.

  14. About to make the decision on this. Thanks for the video. So we are both going to file as single people, and she is going to file that she makes $0? Kind of thinking of all the ramifications of this 🤔 it seems ok, but any resources or guidance will be greatly appreciated 👍 thanks men

  15. I’m not sovereign yet. Im telling the man I’m with I won’t have a marriage under this government. He says render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. I said exactly…..my marriage to him is not!!!!

  16. I didn’t want to get one but because we’re moving out of the country, we had to because most countries wont honor our partnership. We did get a prenup first though, just in case.

  17. I reside in California and it states you cannot get married without a marriage license or have a ceremony. Is this true? Or are we better off going to vegas

  18. We need more people saying this stuff! Women are fickle and a lot of people don’t understand women think completely different than men

  19. What the heck is this sexism… do not be a sexist man in the name of God… how dare you.

  20. You can get legally married by a non state sanctioned minister in a lot of states but always get a prenuptial agreement, especially in the southeast

  21. It’s okay nothing is forever you’ll leave it behind anyways paradise is where is it at. Believe in Allah he is the only god the one. ❤

  22. While we at it. Can we push for making it legal for me to drive a car with no license and no insurance too? If sleeping with someone and running the risk for pregnancy and std with no license is ok, then driving without a license or insurance or state inspection should be fine right?

  23. 1 put a announcement in the newspaper
    2. After you have the waiting ceremony put a second announcement newspaper that you are married
    When you get a marriage license you just made the gov a third party in your marriage and they can have say over it. That is how they made the CPS

  24. 1st off Goooo Packers goooo💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛. Maaàn that’s the bum chick u delt with. Why didn’t get prenuptial ? I do believe in while together whats yours is ours but if we off then whats mine is mine. I’m not petty I’ll leave with the clothes on my Crack to get away from someone. Your next chick better be able to do for herself by herself. You must of hurt her and she wants compensation🤣🤣🤣 This message is for women as well, some men are petty and bums

  25. Thanks man you’re great. It’s sad how some small girls bully great men who push beyond human boundaries in this era. But one thing for sure. Great men always great and always win.

  26. Shalom Bro ‘
    you quote from Ephesians Chapter 5… did you thought to use *verse 32 from that chapter* decripting *Revelation chapter 2 & 3 and Isaiah chapter 4 verse 1 ?*
    read those texts a few times and you will see *The New T H I N G God is gonna made it, in our times(verry soon)*

    Stay blessed!

    *May the Peace of the Son be uppon the Sons of Peace and over their houses*

  27. Get a prenuptial agreement…. and also this can backfire for woman because if he wrongs her and does not lead correctly….then she will become desolate

  28. I’m not getting the marriage license and I am broke and I am a woman I do not want anyone that’s able to control..

  29. After 3-5 years of living together, depending on the State, it becomes a common law marriage. The woman has same rights under law as a license gives.

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