Do women have a right to divorce in Islam? – Dr Zakir Naik

Do women have a right to divorce in Islam? – Dr Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Naik answers a Question posed by Non-Muslim Woman Mrs. Paul (Advocate at High Court)
“Do women have a right to divorce in Islam?”

Lecture Name: Ask Dr Zakir (Mumbai)
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  1. So much respect for women in Islam. Still feminists say that they are deprived of their rights. Soon they will have to pay for their deeds.

  2. Didnt know women is entitled to be supported by society if her guardian cannot provide for her. MashAllah, so much caring for women!

  3. Man asks for mariage and woman asks for divorce. To get married man has to fulfill many conditions. In the logical way to get divorced woman has to fulfill many conditions too.

  4. We have marriages which women are losers too and men who are gainers, its not as common as vise versa but it happens!

  5. Do you know one little old wife (Sawda)of our prophet begged him not to divorce her. To agree to this prophet demanded that the date given to Sawda be cancelled and that date given to child wife Aysha. So Sawda in her desperation agreed!

  6. The woman is only at the receiving end in some perfect islamic utopia. In reality, the muslim woman is not protected by society or the Islamic state if her mahrams are not there.

  7. A woman has the right to do anything she wants. Democracy allows her to do whatever she deems necessary for her well being. No religion is going to stop her or treat her lower than a man. Democracy is an amazing form of government. Religion and state never objects each other.

  8. So if I understand well a woman cannot be independent she has to depend on men pre and post marriage. According to Islam are women considered as species who also can think, touch, feel pain and can be intelligent , and capable of being on their own or not ?

  9. If she wants her husband not to marry again and again means, she doesn’t
    approve of the way our prophet lived. In that way she can’t be a Muslim.

  10. exactly, bt enemy n non-muslim exaggerated to degrade islam….triple talaq is sin…cultural….iddah period is fr pragnency cuz husbands r8 over child…he need to take care n maintaince n whatever she want….if he take her again then he can…but need to her religious n economic r8 which is command by lord…its nt for dowry or buying..its bcuz its their marital r8 or gift or protection fr future complication… bt i dnt undrstnd why dnt put their condition….marraige is contract…so both party should put condition from all aspect fr…n it is the best….unilaterally is bcuz as he mentioned n another things, that time situation n islam gradually keep in limit…n its only fr sultan n king nt general one…they talking about us bt dnt read bible n hindu scripture….even husband beat them n sexually assaulted n force fr dowry n fr sell….they can’t divorce..many things that they hiding from us….even blood can marry each other like brahmah n his daugther

  11. FANTASTIC VIDEO! dr zakir naik always clarifies everything!! if only more people listened to the truth of islam and not just ismlamaphobic stigmas

  12. Why doesn’t she ask "Why only man gives gift (mahr), not woman?". They always look after their side. Hypocrisy to it’s finest

  13. I have a question.
    We know that In Islam free mixing between male and female is Haram. And any physical touch between 2 Gayeri Mahram is considered as fornication and serious sin in Islam. Then why in Hajj Islam allows free mixing ? Specially Tawaf at close circle to Kaba has a lot of gathering, where any people will be embraced totally by other. Can a be in that much of gathering while it is haram and almost embracing ?

  14. Can someone provide me with the reference for when women put divorce right in nikkah nama? Any Hadith reference?

  15. Does he even know what he is talking about? Men are looser in a marriage? Seriously? Is this why they are allowed to marry 4 times? Doesn’t make any sense.

  16. My wife is very abusive, she says she wants to drive me crazy so that I can give her divorce. In this case if I give her divorce does she still get to keep the mahar ?

  17. Why has husband yet been given the athority to do what he wills?
    Doesn’t this simply mean, the husband can do what he wants
    The husband also can be given the rights for the nullification of marriage alone just as the woman possesses

    The woman can yet create a fake report and nullify the marriage(Correct me if i’m wrong)
    Why is there a discrimination in this matter between them?
    Please explain

  18. Hi i know this video is really old but i really hope you find time to answer my question
    Im 13 and i have a older brother whos 17 my father states he has given divorce but my mother says the way he sent it is not allowed legally or by islamic law my father never kept us with him he made us live in pakistan and he did his job in the gulf sometimes UAE, Oman and right now he is in qatar we would see him after 2 to 3 months only and when we had summer vacations and its not that he isnt/wasn’t financially stable because he earns a lot, he always used divorce as a blackmailing tool and always didnt give us enough money once before he divorced my mother and took us away from her and didnt let us meet her, he encouraged her to leave her job to come see us (we were in oman then my father had just lost his job my mother was a lecturer at a university there and our visas were expiring only my mothers wasnt so she said him to take us to pakistan and then she would apply for our visas they were in conflict)
    Then he took us but never let us meet her and so she had to leave her job and he divorced her when she left her job to make her financially unstable and this is just one example of how he used his kids and divorce for blackmailing my mother is from a rich family and he always says her to give him money even though he has so much of his own she and him have a plot together and he says he willl only build a house on it if she gives him all of the ownership but my mom knew his trick and didnt let her asset go away my mom is also highly educated
    So now after a few months they got back together and he went to qatar where he still is and as i mentioned we wouldnt see him that much in 2018 he again divorced my mother through mail because again a conflict began and they didnt speak for 3 years so he divorced her in 2018 and said now he wouldnt pay us anything my mom found another job and he didnt pay rent or bills he payed for our studies though but after a lot begging from me and my brother he didnt pay my mother ny of the 3months expenditures he was supposed to pay by islam law now my mother has sued him for maintenance and guardianship so he cant use us to blackmail her again and if we say anything to him about why he doesnt pay us he says our mother is brainwashing us and she is mental and then he uses islam to defend himself from which he disrespects our religion and prophet saw and says he will only pay us if we come live with paternal grandmother which is a very backward area and he will be in Qatar again
    We also think he has bribed the judge in court and shows that he is unemployed thats why he isnt paying us what should we do pls give advice and i know it sounds stupid coming from a 13 year old but pls dont let that come in the way

  19. Assalamualaikum, please if you don’t mind, I will kindly like to know the major reasons or the mean reasons for divorce in Islam

  20. I’m a unmarried guy 27 years old and looking for either a religious divorced or a widow woman for getting married for the sake of Allah. But she should be religious and Indian and it’s my main criteria. If is there anyone please feel free to contact with me. May almighty protect us from all kind of calamity, suffering and pain.

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  22. Sir just i ask if the husband and wife get devorced then later on if they like to unite again then should hve wedding again?

  23. What a lesson of equality, 🥺.
    Both genders are safe in this way. I want to ask to western world does ur law and order have such beauty??
    😏 Definitely not.

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