Does a Divorce Complicate My Pending I-751 Removal of Conditions?

Does a Divorce Complicate My Pending I-751 Removal of Conditions?

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Does a Divorce Complicate My Pending I-751 Removal of Conditions?

A very similar question was asked on the show back in 2017 – “Can I Remove Conditions From My Green Card if I Got Divorced”

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  1. If after an immigrant comes to the United States and there is a divorce (and the alien is the one who asked for a divorce), will the sponsor still be responsible for supporting the alien if they say decide to not work and live off the government (welfare or something)?

    I know that the sponsor has to sign the affadavit of support, but is the sponsor protected in any way if the alien decides to leave the relationship (and the sponsor did not want the divorce).. or if the alien commits adultery or something that is grounds for divorce?)

    I ask this because I just read something that says the sponsor has to fully reimburse the government if the alien ends up living off the government. I don’t feel it would be fair like say if you caught your alien spouse cheating and decided to end the marriage.

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  3. this was helpful many thanks….what happens if USCIS ask for more evidence based on the jointly filed I 751 and obviously the couple are separated or divorced at that point ??? thanks

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