Does Marriage Counseling Work

Does Marriage Counseling Work

Does Marriage Counseling Work

Marriage counseling can work, but only if you want it to work. A counselor can act as a mediator to sort out the issues that are going on between you and your spouse, challenging both of you to build trust and be transparent. But, your desire for it to want to work needs to be sincere and genuine.

As Alexandre Cormont says, you cannot wait for someone to solve the problem for you, or you will never find a solution. A marriage counselor is here to help you identify the biggest problem in your relationship, but he or she can not truly solve it or solve it completely for you.

Don’t be discouraged by the possibility that you may need a marriage counselor to help your relationship. It doesn’t mean the end is near! Saving a marriage requires that you try. And marriage counseling is there to facilitate that effort.

If you’re asking does marriage counseling work, you will know once you decide to take action. Get help to save your marriage today!


Our Mission is to help people find happiness in love, and to provide individuals and couples with the communication tools and relevant techniques to be together in healthy sustainable relationships.

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  1. Hi …This is Jitendra Singh from India. I like your coaching session.
    But my situation is quite different… please go through it and bring some hopes…

    I fall in Love with a girl who says "i " (introvert type) am a lesbian. Eventhough we chat for 3 months…but I messed everything at the end……needy guy.
    Do you think No contact works for me ????? And if not .. guide me what should I do to get her.
    And it’s a long distance relationship . We mostly chat on WhatsApp & Instagram..and I m both .
    And right now I m on " no contact" for the past 6 days.

  2. Is it a bad sign that my ex has not reached out still on week 3 of no contact? Does this mean I must initiate contact?

  3. So i had my breakup only a week ago. She was the one who dumped me. In the initial days i was like begging and stuff to come back. But then i came across this channel and started following the no contact rule. After 2-3 days she dm’d me on insta asking me about how i am but i didn’t responded and didn’t opened the message. So a few minutes ago she messaged me on WhatsApp where earlier i was blocked by her and asked me about how i am? Should i respond or carry on with the no contact rule?

  4. My long-distance ex wants to meet, but as friends. how can I make her see me differently and should I even meet her as friends?

  5. So my ex girlfriend asked if i had moved on? what does that mean(she dumped me), Then later i told her i’ve dated a few women and couldn’t take it to the next level coz none of them were you, she sarcastically replied saying ‘oh, you want my help :)’, I feel she’s jealous but when i asked her the samething in return she says yes and i’m happy with my new guy, later we ended the convo, but 3 days later she replied to my insta story saying ‘i was in starbucks too’?
    So yeah? does she love me? has she moved and is she really happy with the other guy?

  6. My ex is seeing someone new. And it hurts because I see them everyday. But about two weeks ago, before he went cold on me, he said that he’s still trying to figure things out. It hurts because he said that they’re still friends and that they’ll only be friends but now they’re slowly exposing their relationship publicly. What should I do? Please help

  7. Hi , i am a low profile person , and my ex is kind of popular and successful socially, pls advice what to do in this situation, thanks

  8. I went no contact with my gf for 19 days…because she was bitchy…she reached to me after 7 days but I talked to her and showed her I was busy…then I didn’t contact her…and again after 7 days she reached to me again I show her I was busy…after 7 days she brkup with me and said its over because you stayed 19 days without talking to me so you can live your life without me…and I don’t know how to get her back?its been 2 weeks of the brkup…what should I do?cant afford coaching session bcz am a student…thank you..May God bless you guys

  9. I am thinking of divorce I put 110% into our marriage and I get nothing in return maybe Im wrong its always about her with everything and I sacrifice everything.

  10. I’m pretty sure my ex does not check his mail at all at his apartment. Do you still recommend mailing a letter or would an email suffice?

  11. Since watching your videos and following your advice, i am kind of sure mg ex and i will get back together with time. But i am in week 1 of no contact and i really miss him and sometimes doubts and negative memories haunt me. Do you guys have any tips?

  12. Cheating is very common and for good reason. It is normal for a person to continue to be sexually attracted to other people even after making speeches in public. A speech doesn’t change your biological nature. Monogamy is a cultural norm that doesn’t actually fit many people’s biological and natural instincts.

    I am one of these people that monogamy does not fit, and I know many, many others, including people who have “made the public speech” (gotten married). When we were in college, we had sex with this person or that and it was usually a lot of fun. The idea that you will meet someone that makes sex with anyone else unattractive is a fantasy.

    The truth: it is a compromise. You make a deal to give up sex with other people in order to get more security and stability in a relationship. To make this relationship the last one, the one that lasts for the rest of your life. This doesn’t mean you stop being you and stop having the desires you naturally have. Although you can certainly train/brainwash yourself until you either don’t have those desires or you push them further from your immediate thoughts. This is something lots of other people like priests, nuns, monks and others who swore celibacy have done. A few people naturally don’t care much about sex, but as members of a sexually reproducing species, most of us are pretty horny when it comes right down to it.

    But oddly enough, we have a culture that holds dominion over our sexuality. Much of it is religious culture like Christian or Muslim, that condemns “lust” as a sin/evil that should be avoided. It creates this weird dichotomy between pure and good sexual desire that comes out of a pure love and tainted/bad sexual desire that comes out of sexual desire without some sort of basis on an emotional or spiritual level that justifies the sexual desire. IMHO, this is a bunch of hogwash that covers up the truth: Humans reproduce sexually and it is healthy and natural to have and act on sexual desire.

    Back to your “can a spouse be redeemed” question. (“Redemption” is a great choice of words, btw, since it is highly associated with the religious issues I am talking about. “Christ the Redeemer” and all.) Yes, a “sinner” can be redeemed. That is to say, can be trained/brainwashed into never cheating again. It just requires sufficient guilt/discipline/fear/insecu rity/sense of obligation. You may note that few of those things are very pleasant. That is because it is not pleasant to fight your biological nature. It’s like not eating when you are hungry (a.k.a. anorexia), not drinking when you are thirsty (a.k.a. dehydration), or being forced to do something unnatural like kill your own child (infanticide). Again, note these examples all have names, which are unhealthy/unnatural/undesirable conditions/events.

    Another option that many people do not think of to prevent “cheating” is to change the rules of the game. “Cheating” just means to do something that is outside of the rules. If you are playing five card stud poker (where you have to use the 5 cards you are dealt) and you slip some of your cards back in the deck when no one is looking and get new cards, that is cheating. However, if you are playing draw poker (where you get to exchange cards if you like) you can discard and draw new cards and no one is going to be upset because that’s the rules of the game that everyone agreed to when you sat down to play.

    Some people have done this. They sat down and had a discussion about their rules. My wife and I did this before we even got married. Our rules are not the same as everyone else’s and we have a lot of fun playing our own “customized version” that is suited to us.

    TLDR; Is the marriage based on sex or are there other aspects to it that are valuable enough that sexual infidelity is not the primary focus? If so, then consider changing the rules of marriage to be inclusive of other sexual partners. Else consider if the desire for other partners can be brainwashed/trained out of the partner who is desirous of other partners. check my page for the contact of who helped me when i had the same issues

  13. Help I feel mentally blocked :/

    Hey am.. this is a little embaressing to talk over but around 6 months after I had a breakup with my girlfriend for 2 years I started seeing another girl.I’m really grateful for the help and I come to the channel nearly daily.. but the problem with the new girl was that when we had sex it was really out of place and things became weird for me like emotionally i just couldn’t connect with ease or at all.. while with my ex sexual things were amazing she had squirting orgasms that would soak probably half the room and we would be really in sync.. but the new experience that I had got me mentally stunned and I don’t really know how to approach it I feel mentally blocked when I see a girl now(things with the new girl fell off since I couldn’t connect there’s no reason to go deeper into a relationship(we both cut the line mutually cause it wouldn’t workout)) but each time I get the opportunity to connect with a girl and/or sex I just get this thought of "maybe i’m not good?" or "what if it becomes awkward(like more of just an action than actually sex/love) like that last time?" and I just slide the whole subject off completely as in to talk to the/a girl or just have sex..

    If you reply I’d be really happy and deeply appreciated.Take good care you guys are doing something amazing

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