Does Marriage Counseling Work? The Answer Is Strange…

Does Marriage Counseling Work? The Answer Is Strange… — Does Marriage Counseling Work?

So you’ve tried to make it work on your own, but no matter what do you it seems like you’re marriage just isn’t getting better. A friend recommended marriage counselling to you, but you brushed off the idea, thinking that your marriage wasn’t that doomed. But now, after months of trying different tips and ideas without results, you’re considering giving it a go. But does marriage counselling actually work, or is it just a waste of time and money?

My name is Brad Browning, I’m a marriage coach from Vancouver BC, and I’m also author of a best-selling program called “Mend the Marriage”.

Today I want to talk to you about the ins and outs of marriage counselling, so let’s begin with a few common situations.

Your partner is ready to end the marriage, but you’re not. You’ve watched self help videos, read the books and even turned to your friends and family for advice. You’re at the point where your spouse isn’t even speaking to you much anymore, and when you do talk, every conversation ends in a an argument. Or maybe you never argue at all because your spouse doesn’t want to talk anymore. You didn’t see this coming, and even if you did there was nothing you could do to change their mind. Your situation right now is painful, but you desperately don’t want to separate and you truly believe that your marriage can be saved.

Traditionally, couples in crisis are advised to attend “marriage counselling” or “couples therapy.” In these sessions the couple would work with a counsellor who creates a safe environment, open for honest discussions about their marriage. Together they look for the root causes of their problems, and may concentrate on improving certain areas of the relationship. These areas include: communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, trust, commitment, intimacy and others depends on your personal situation. Essentially, the marriage counsellor provides the tools a couple needs to confront their marital issues, and a recovery plan. If these are done properly, it can be helpful.

For marriage counselling to work, both spouses must be willing to attend, participate, and work hard on facing your issues. More importantly, they must also both believe that their marriage is salvageable and worth saving. It is sometimes extremely difficult to convince your ex to go down this route.

So before you dump thousands of dollars into marriage counselling, you might want to consider investing in my Mend The Marriage program. This is a program that I’ve poured my heart and soul into… and it will give you and your spouse get a second chance at lifelong love. In fact, my program has been so wildly successful that it alone has helped save thousands of marriages — without marriage counselling. The great thing about it is…you don’t need don’t need your spouse’s effort right now and you don’t need to wait around for a marriage counsellor to help you. If you want to learn more details about my Mend The Marriage program, you can watch the free video presentation on my website, Again, the URL is

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  1. move-on & get a fresh start !!
    plenty fish 🐠 in the sea !!

    the only winners in a divorce R the divorce attorneys !!

  2. Brad. I am thankful to your messages. I had a second chance to go back with my ex because apparently I pushed him too much for us to live together. he has kids 3 and lives with gf. I was heart broken I admit I started to eat and I didn’t care about anything because after swing each other after a month he told me I think I don’t make you happy because I have to be at that place until things get better and I can move. he is Canadian and has his whole family and friends, me I am alone studying in Canada. so I said no more and I stopped answering again his messages and his friend 5 days ago sent me a huge email saying he loves me and he cries because he can’t make me happy yet because of his situation at home. and he said this man cries for you and loves you. please forgive him he can’t just move because him and her are common in law and his kids have to get used to you and he is trying to figure out how this could work please he loves you. contact him.
    so I said hello Happy Easter and he started to call me and to send me messages he said I am his. and I love you baby he said I have huge heart. I study work and I am very loving and unsaid to him I forgave you baby because I knew and know your heart.
    so. now he asked me to see him but I told him I will spend the weekend with at my friend’s house and he said can we talk in two weeks I said ok baby. I am just afraid he is beginning to think about being together but I am afraid to dissapoint him. I mean I am scared for the kids. what should I do?
    we are waiting for the right moment

  3. i just started marriage counseling after being seperated from my husband for a year. it is our last chance because i was all set to sign the divorce papers before this… God i hope this works. it is one last effort to salvage our marriage 😯😟💑💏

  4. had a blazing row last night. She asked me to leave I didn’t. the way she screamed at me was completely unacceptable.
    I fell out with her as she never cleans up. Just sits on Facebook and YouTube all day. I work long hours she doesn’t. She cares for our 4yr old autistic son. but I am sick of it to the point I have been taking pictures. I’m depressed and embarrassed about the state of my home. She has mental health issues and says she can’t clean but wants 2. She was away for 5xdays and house was spotless and no. 1 week home it’s disgusting. please help. Not spoke since last night.

  5. hi brad, I was with my boyfriend for 7 months and he broke up with me 2 days ago, we’ve had a couple message and now I’m employing the no contact technique. He said he just didn’t feel happy anymore and that it’s not my fault he feels this way.. any advice?

  6. hey brad, so I’ve been in a relationship for two years now with my girlfriend, i have no job and no car and it got to the point that she lost interest and feelings toward me I’ve been trying to get a job but its been hard having no experience, she got a new job and said that she has a crush on one of the cooks there, we broke up before and i gave her a chance now I’m asking for her to give me a second chance, that I’ve been getting interviews left and right, and that I’m willing to show her that it can work out because i know she does car for me its just the stress of her having me and i have nothing to back it up can you please help?

  7. +Brad Browning First of all I enjoy your work a lot and I have watched almost all the videos about getting my ex back… well I have a doubt about the "No Contact Time" well she broke up with me 03/04/2016 (last sunday) and we would make 5 years together in 28/04 , should I contact her in this date or should I actually wait and not see her for the 30 days?? Please I really need this help

  8. BRAD please im new to your channel i need help PLEASE answerr this "What if your ex breaks up with you and they said they were cheating on you the whole time" Answer this please make a video cause I don’t know what to do but get over my mad feelings

  9. Hey man, you probably will not see this. so I’ll make it quick.

    I’m a teenager, and you might recognize me but maybe not. If not, i’ll continue on: I had a girlfriend for almost 2 months and she lied to me which absoulutely sucks. Now I found out she had a new boyfriend since a month and a week and it kinda kills me inside because the way she threats him is nothing like how she threated me and I think it’s bullcrap. How can I just move on, man? I’m doing the no contact thing, and got rid of all the pics/gifts but the thing is she’s in my class so it’s a pain. Please help me, Brad. I can’t move on without your help.

  10. if your ex broken up with you but didn’t know why and you find out from a family member that she base Ben sick and could dye from it and the sick ness could spreed but I love this person and if this person died how could we get over it not feel so bad

  11. My parents are about to divorce, my dad still loves my mum and she says she still loves him, I want them to have counselling but mum refuses. I don’t have many friends and have been okay with it because I had a happy and stable family. I don’t want my family to split and all I can do is cry

  12. Hi Brad!
    Me and my boyfriend just broke up (about 3 days ago). i have tryed to upload photos on instagram and snapchat as usual and acting "normal and happy". ( i usually dont use facebook).
    however, since thee breakup i have been trying to be busy all the time so i dont have to feel like hell, i have been to partys, been with friends and stuff, and i know that he has been watching my photos since you can see who has wiewed your snapchat story. But today i saw him with another girl on his snapchat, i knew they are just friends but since i am very jealous and started the "no contact period" 2 days ago i just deleted his snapchat without thinking, it hurts to mutch to see that even if it was very innocent. He does follow me on instagram, so i guess i have some sort of chance to "make him jealous by photos", but snapchat was so much easier becouse then you can upload alomost anyhing, and a lots of photos at the same day without seem to strange. i guess what i am asking is.. i regret that i deleted him, but i guess it would be very akward to add him again, especially NOW during my no contact period. do you have any tips?

    / Hannah 🙂

  13. After 2 failed marriages and attending ( marriage counseling) also known as a bitch session you pay for. Most marriage counselors have never been married or are divorced themselves. In my opinion marriage counseling is a confirmation your marriage is OVER!!

  14. Hi Brad, I have researching you and your program and I am so afraid that our situation is maybe too complicated to fix. In a nutshell my husband and I are stationed in Africa at the moment for his job (military) and we are in such a horrible state of our relationship that I am terrified we can’t fix it. I know I love him and want to stay together but he is leaning towards divorce and we have only been married since January this year. Im so lost, I don’t know what to do. He doesn’t have the same feelings he did before when we said " I do." What do I do? He’s agreed to look into your program but is afraid it will only prolong our unhappiness and it wont help.. He’s so negative with this I feel so helpless… I’m hoping more than anything in the world that you can maybe help us? (sorry i commented this on your new video and I guess I should have on one more like this)

  15. Hi Brad, me and my wife we’ve been married almost 22 years with 2 boys, 20 and 13 years old. Both of us work crazy hours, to pay mortgage and help our first son goes through college. Like 5 weeks ago, she told me she had someone else, and wants divorced. I love her so much, I will do anything she wants to stay in marriage. She won’t talk. Sometimes she didn’t go back home. But fortunately she comes home everyday last 5 weeks, sometimes really late. I have emotional breakdowns. What should I do?

  16. Hi, can you please to a video about partners that are cheating, and rebuilding trust after…Thank you

  17. okay brad please listen to my situation I’m 18 my ex gf is 17 turning 18 in like less than 20 days she broke up with me 4 days ago and it sucks lol. okay so she just texted me asking if I want to hang out she’s super jealous so should I ignore it or tell her I’m busy hanging out with someone else also when she first broke up with me I had kind of an emotional breakdown and begged and did stuff I wasn’t supposed to but I haven’t seen her in like 3 days I think so idk if I should ignore her or tell her no.Thank you., Dustin

  18. Brad, what if my ex has blocked me off everything because I annoyed her after the initial break-up? I don’t have a way to communicate with her, but I am pretty sure she still loves me but is just angry with me. I truly believe I could spend my entire life with her because I love her so much. What do I do man? Thanks in advance if you answer this.

  19. I’m in a conundrum, my wife and I are looking at a seperation. she is feeling neglected and I’ve been so complacent in my marriage I’ve been letting it go. I’ve had a problem with port and nothing I have tried to date seems to rid me of this terrible thing. we have to young boys that I have kept away from my problems. I want to get back to happiness and I’m seeing her stress from work, 2 boys and a sick father slowly dieing. I feel so lost but so want help. please could you provide me some advice right now

  20. Question, me and my ex dated for almost 8 months, we broke up, I begged. But he claimed he lost feelings. So I gave up and after the first month of no contact he started liking my posts on Facebook, or commenting, and even a text. I ignored all of them til finally we got back together. He claimed he missed me and still had feelings. But I messed up cause I came on too strong. We broke up again. And I begged for weeks, And he says he’s moved on, that he wants nothing with me. So I made him block me. Is there still a chance? He just confuses me Because after these two breakups, he literally goes from I love you, to I want nothing with you and hatred like overnight. It’s so confusing. And obviously now I have no option then to do NC lol.

  21. Hi. My boyfriend and I have been fighting for a while. He’s now telling me he wants to be alone and he doesn’t know what he wants. He lied last week and said he went out with the guys, but really he went out with a girl from work to a college party, and came home drunk at 3 am. He says I’m too jealous, and he can’t stand to have the same fight over again. he told me last night he wants the weekend to be alone, and think about things, but to not get my hopes up bc he doesn’t see us working out. I don’t know what to do

  22. My wife is the one that cheated and said “I am really done” and “it’s too late”. I’m in denial or I really believe counseling can help at least for us to separate smoothly instead being all of a sudden. She doesn’t want professional help tho. But I think she may eventually go with me once. Am I wasting time? Married 11 years with two toddlers. She’s in military and going to do her first deployments next year.

  23. My husband is military. He ended up working an insane amount of time the past 5 months and we literally only had time to spend together twice. Now he wants a divorce and is sure he doesn’t wanna be with me. But i finally got him to agree to marriage counseling. We were so great before we started working so much more. So it really sucks that he is so determined to divorce me this quick

  24. we love each other so much he is afraid too because they got friends in common I am giving him support but inside me I am afraid too. I love him and I go to school and work I am busy woman. but I am willing to treat him as my king since he loves me too much, too.

  25. Hi Brad,My marriage is on the verge of ending…I think in my husband’s head it has already ended.I failed in all attempts to Communicate with my husband but he just never wants to deal with our issues but rather ignore them or have me make the decisions on my own.I love my husband and I tried everything possible to make our marriage work but he always end up hurting me because he never sees the thing he does that affects us,when I point it out he shuts me out and stops communicating and always makes me pack up and leave until he cools off and after we never address the problems,we just continue where we left of because he doesn’t want to stress himself.What about me? I don’t want to be insecure in my marriage,I dpn’t want to be fighting alone,Icertainly don’t want to be the last person to know that my husband doesn’t want to be married.We have been through this a couple months ago and I left for 9months then we started dating each other and decided we would see how things work out.During that time I needed reassuring that I was working towards rebuilding our marriage and at the same time he was just living in the moment and having fun.He never did the work to rebuild the connection we lost but rather let me struggle on my own.I lashed out and acted like a maniac,now,he only sees the way I reacted and wrong that I did but not what caused my behaviour.I want my marriage to work but it seems like I the only one who wants that,I even started Counselling alone because he refuses to go because I am the insecure,jealous one.I still love my husband tremendously and I want my marriage to work.

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