Does Marriage Have Major Financial Benefits? (This Data Might Surprise You)

Does Marriage Have Major Financial Benefits? (This Data Might Surprise You)

Does Marriage Have Major Financial Benefits? (This Data Might Surprise You)
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  1. Married couples can take advantage of tax breaks and retirement benefits. However, a lot of that gets erased if divorce occurs.

  2. Yeah…. My spouse cheated on me and I sure felt that 77% statistic. Now I avoid serious relationships, I was once a super open person and now became paranoid of what people can do to do to ruin your life, I have what felt like everything taken away from me and I was left with nothing. I chose to stay alone all day and by avoiding most people I have less reason to go out and have "fun" and by doing that I can save a few more dollars here and there to help start my life over again.

  3. Divorce is catastrophic….. if you’re a man. For women it’s free money. IMO the reason why divorce rates are lower is because most dudes and simply not biting the bullet on marriage as they used to.

  4. The comments on this video are pretty obnoxious. So many men saying marriage only benefits the woman, as if we can’t be the high earner in the home (as I was for many years up until recently).

  5. Marriage rarely makes sense for men these days. Stay single and invest men. If a great lady comes your way with traditional values, it might be worth the risk.

  6. Marriage is like the equipment we left in Afghanistan, it’s cheaper while we’re there, but in the end it all gets stripped away from us.

  7. Marriage is absolutely a way to build wealth if you do it right, if you get divorced its really really bad financially

  8. Divorce rates are down because fewer people are getting married in the first place. The two are linked. So I’m not sure how much of a silver lining that is.

  9. Divorce = disaster
    Great comment in the video-
    If Americans could come up with ideas such as social security benefits for the spouse why not have federal formulas for when divorce these XYZ are the rules and stop paying lawyers money and making them rich while families are suffering so much!

  10. The divorce rate does not count amount of people who want a divorce also. If the divorce rate is 50% its safe to assume more than half of people who get married will divorce or currently want a divorce. Just something to think about.

  11. Failure is built into the social order. So many married people have to be miserable to be married, only 1% are getting a net benefit.

  12. I’m thankfully married to what has been a good wife, but I’m strongly encouraging my sons to never marry. This is due to the present gynocentric family court system and total scarcity of marriageable women in the US.

    Marriage is a benefit for women, children, and attorneys. It is terrible for men as an investment today, and I’m not perpetuating that lie to watch my boys suffer.

    Marriage is grand. Divorce is 100 grand.

  13. As a divorced man I would suggest not to get married. Lucky I didn’t have kids so I only had to sign one fat check instead of monthly fat checks.

  14. The main reason marriage fails is the lack of common ideals between spouses. Too many opposites attract, which probably causes 99% of those marriages to fail. My wife and I were pretty much on point for all the major life decision categories, so that’s why it has worked for 14+ years. Back in 1960, a woman had to get married if she wanted a better life due to sexism in the work place causing low paying wages and lack of opportunities. Yes, it still exist. Just nowhere as prominent as back then. College is more accessible now as well to everyone, which is why the age of marriage is much later as people are in school until their early to mid-20s and need a few years to get a career going.

  15. So in summary, only marry spouse that is much better off than you. Do not work. Do not have assets. Then and only then marriage is an option you might want to think about. Just make sure spouse that makes money dont know about it !

  16. Divorce is not a disaster. People should not stay married just because of financial purposes. Many people go on to live fulfilling lives both financially, and more importantly emotionally, post divorce. Studies have shown that marriage is one of the leading oppressors of women. No thanks for me.

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