1. So, kids, house, and retirements. But wife just wants to go be a teenager and walk away from everything. She wants the minimum amount of custody to avoid paying me child support, which I’m fine with, and we’re signing a separation agreement saying we’ve amicably split all of our assets… can I be sure she just goes away and doesn’t come back asking for half my stuff after she’s spent a couple years "making the sort of decisions she’s been making that aren’t relevant in a no-fault state?"

    As a guy, bringing any lawyers into family court is rather terrifying.

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  3. I have a business with generates a little over $5,000 a month from that all the home bills are paid witch doesn’t allow me to safe ,my husband works and makes over $4,000 a month,witch downs give me from that pay for anything in the house just a few dollar for groceries,he helps with the business,we are at the edge of divorce,with his par can he support me?

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