Dr. Jordan Peterson Helps a Couple on the Brink of Divorce

Dr. Jordan Peterson Helps a Couple on the Brink of Divorce

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Guests Stacy and Tracey reflect on their joyful beginnings as a couple. Then, they open up about the struggles in their marriage and why they are nearing divorce. Find out if they’re willing to let clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson intervene.

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  1. In every relationship there is a dominant and a submissive. God’s design is for it to be the man.

  2. The Man Is saving Relationships. Yet, the media wants him gone. It says a lot about the media.

  3. Wow, aligning yourself with the corrupt doctor, way to go Jordan, enjoy your fame and kiss your credibility goodbye.👋

  4. "Dr. Oz" is a quack and huckster. It speaks poorly of Peterson that he appears on his show.

  5. I think the problem could be when she dyed her hair and suddenly looked 20 years his senior. Nonetheless its fixable. 😅

  6. don’t avoid conflict. period! nip it in the bud! whatever it may be before it takes root and grows out of control. and don’t agree to what u do not agree to because that only leads to resentment. fight and make up fight and make up until ur doing more making up than fighting. 🙏💕🎶💯

  7. A hero i wish my parents and I could eat dinner together every night now it’s taken from me women thinking bout themselves before ones they love

  8. The magic words are also very very important and powerful: please, thank you, you’re welcome, I’m sorry, excuse me …

  9. From the posed picture they shared it appears the husband has gained some weight since the initial courtship. With that comes a host of behaviors that certainly do not lend to being a great marriage partner.

  10. Move on brother. Get in shape, improve your finances and learn female nature. We not in the business of begging women to stay in anything. Let her return to the streets.

  11. Dear Dr. Peterson,
    Unbeknownst to you, I’ve adopted you as my dad. Whenever I need advice, I listen to your videos and get the advice that I need, because I know that you tell the truth, and care about me, even though you don’t know that I exist. Thanks so much.

  12. He may of just saved their relationship and changed their life just by speaking to them for less than 15 minutes. Isn’t that crazy?

  13. Good advice given by Dr Peterson. With that bringing Love, Compassion and Sacrifices made the relationship much stronger. When we always think about ourselves all the time then we can not make the relationship growing better. Always use and adopt "We" (Family) rather than "I" in relationship.

    Also when we think that we are "Right" and other partner is saying don’t seem right to us then we also need to adopt appropriate way/attitude of saying "No" because Relationships got weaker most of the time because of Our Attitudes of dealing with things or Way of saying No (Tone of voice and use of Words).

    Biologically Man and Woman are different. If Man understands the needs and Moods of Woman and Woman understands the needs and Moods of Man, then there are low chances of any confrontation.

    Also in modern world, we have burden ourselves with bringing Finances to the family according to our preferred lifestyle. So we are sacrificing our time more on Work than with the Family. If both partners are working full time in their jobs then one partner can not became a comfort for other and can not give priority which is time to each other and Family. Work life balance is necessary and we are not ATM machines . We are an emotional beings. Maintaining Lifestyle at the Cost of Time with Family results in weakening relationships.

    Disagreements and Fights are two seperate things. Disagreements are natural and should be discussed with other partner in an appropriate manner taking Family institution in consideration "We" rather than "I".

  14. The world would be a better place with more people like Jordan Peterson. Let’s take his lessons and get them to every part of the world

  15. The problem is Dr. Peterson doesn’t use the word God. Sometimes there’s no hope after you have tried for years and years and years. Move on, endless fighting is a sign that the relationship won’t work ever. I wasted 37 years with the wrong guy.

  16. I’ve had mental illness for 40 years and that if I was dying to be on my bucket list talk to Jordan Peterson for half hour I saw clips of him teaching and ISO students walking in and out they didn’t realize how privileged they were to be in such company

  17. He’s spot on about the need to have fights. Too many couples are peace-keepers rather than peace-makers.

  18. Marriage is a decision of the will. It isn’t based on feelings. It’s like a business contract. You either honor it or you don’t. Divorce used to require a lot more effort and paperwork, which helped people realize they were making a mistake. Now it’s so easy, it’s like changing your order in the drive thru. The Catholic Church is about the only institution that still honors the promises made in marriage: "til death do us part." No other institution comes close to maintaining that.

  19. My wife asked me what’s the point because we are not connecting or have the same interests, growing apart as we don’t spend time together. My answer was this – You want me to do the things you want to do like go for walks, cuddle, dinner, shopping, movies, holidays, take over house duties because you work long hours and I do it, but you never want to come fishing, diving, camping, hunting, help with maintenance on the house, mow the lawns, drive 100km every Monday to drop of our daughter to boarding school, take a trailer to the tip, volunteer to umpire a rowing regatta or work on the cars. She hasn’t brought up the subject in a long time.

  20. I am so thankful to Dr Umoru who I came across on YouTube this great herbal doctor cured me of HSV-2 with his effective herbal product.

  21. I’m in a deep dark suicidal depression, friends.

    My soul: raped. My heart: heavy with grief.

  22. So what your saying is we should fight until death.
    Dr JBP: no but yes but no but yes

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