Dubai Ruler To Pay £554 Million In Record Divorce Settlement To Estranged Wife Princess Haya

Dubai Ruler To Pay £554 Million In Record Divorce Settlement To Estranged Wife Princess Haya

Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, has been ordered to pay $733 million to his ex-wife in a divorce settlement. The UK’s High Court awarded the lump sum settlement to Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussain over their two children. She is the youngest wife of six wives of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum. He is a multi-billionaire ruler of Dubai, prime minister of the UAE and influential horse-racing owner.
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  1. All the womon sheik Mohammed divorce them he didn’t give them any thing he took there children because they are afraid of this man but the real princess she is educated n she nows her write that is behind the money
    Me I am happy for her

  2. He’d nearly losses half of his wealth if he pays her, never ever marry anyone from other nationality, they might drag you like this if you are a billionaire

  3. Maybe now Sheikh al-Maktoum will learn a lesson. He has been entrusted with all this wealth as trustee for the benefit of the Muslims of his region and also for the brotherhood at large. Instead he has been squandering it on lavish lifestyles, women and investments in ribba based countries while his Muslim brothers and sisters go hungry and in desperate need of a helping hand. Just take a look at how the Muslims live in Gaza to know this. Countries like the UK have been waiting years for the opportunity to get their hands on the wealth of Muslim leaders and to disgrace them only for the Muslims themselves to fall into this trap.

    Had they lived an austere lifestyle as the the Nabi advocated countries like the UK would not have being salivating after their wealth and plotting "legal" means of theft of what is essentially the wealth of the Muslim Umma entrusted to Sheikh Al-Maktum.

    The correct course of action would be to commence withdrawal of all investment from these ribba based countries and to proceed with investment in his own region and commence investment in the under developed Muslim countries.

    As for the princess – The Islamic court should now convene and decide what she is entitled to in accordance with Shariah Law.

  4. Shitttt how much they waste money more than 200.000 for pets..U know what for that money wasting in these days where so many suffer she should be locked in a room and get hitts until she thinks clear again…gold diggin mentality u dont want that man but u eants his luxury bit .. go work go clean toilets…inshaa Allah she will get no cents..she s not better than him..all same satanic club

  5. To take money from Muslims
    He should pay this to poor people all over the World and this will in Sha ALLAH benefit him in Dunya and AAKHIRAH AMEEN ya RABB UL ALIMEEN

  6. News flash, he doesnt pay anything. What made some fucking Europeans think they can order a Arab to give away his money.

  7. She was planning this divorce beforehand. The wives of the sheikhs live like Queens and this is according to the Shariah law. She deceived the Sheikh. He made a mistake. A big mistake that he didn’t predict the deceiver. Poor sheikh

  8. Stop You do not know this I got personal I believed it was his Fall It was not He is kind And he Cares his job is not easy I hope better Days are coming for him I pray to God to help him


  10. Money doesn’t buy happiness and peace of mind. I wish the princess and her children God’s protection and blessings

  11. How does another country decide what the king of Dubai pays his family in divorce.
    Secondly, why did this princess not have the ability and strength of honor to stay the course and remain in place she chose with wedding vows?
    Life for her was better than any of us could ever dream of in 10 000 lifetimes.
    The man is not uncaring or unkind. Right…?
    She knew situation going into vows.
    She made a covenant. She broke it but why ?
    That said, all details will never be known.
    For me, to make such a decision to break a vow like that….something must have been very wrong. It feels almost threatening…………..

  12. Как лихо обманула старика 👍Надо еще уметь !!!!супер (ни рожи ни кожи),что тебе Шейх мало было своих жён?

  13. what im surprised is that how this bitch had a 2 yr affair behind his back and then allege that he was controlling and abusive and got this big a settlement from a british court.

  14. He needs to go to hell you are a very evil and wicked man to lock up your daughters and come after your wife with your old ass leave these young ladies alone don’t make the Goddess get you and who made you a ruler Ding bat ok so stop

  15. Nothing about the fact that women are prisoners in that country, and the torture of his daughters? Not sure what kind of channel you are, but this is not impartial reporting to be sure.

  16. What ruller? He’s just a clown with free and unlimited cash from deposits for oil. The UK has been always a world "empire" and will rule over any country in the world. Even provided asylum for Russian citizens like Alexander Litvinenko and his family from getting executed directly by Putin and his mafia, even though the communists poisoned him later anyway.

  17. There is no justice & Freedom in the dominion of the ruler among the Muslims they are almost cruelty persons of their life we a know that the whole world.

  18. if Princess Haya wasnt from a royal family whose lineage is higher than him (it was the Dubai Sheikh who married up, coz he was from a clan of tribe leaders, not bluebloods) i dont think she would have been able to do this. im glad her own family never left her and used their power to help her.

  19. Sve is half-sister of king Abdullah of Jordan.She couldnt never escape without help of her brother.That is and reason why Sheikh gave up.

  20. If I were the sheik I wouldn’t pay a penny because she had an affair which is adultery and she won’t be poor as her brother is the king of Jordan.

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