1. i can’t believe they managed to go THIS long without any accidents. Gun safety must not transfer with crossbow safety

  2. i despise that channel so much. i knew it was only a matter of time before one of them shot each other. they think safety is a joke.

  3. As someone who has consumed more than his fair share of official duck studios, this is not surprising in the least. They are so unsafe with actual fire arms, and I hope that this opens their eyes and prevents them from continuing such reckless behavior because they could actually kill one another with how reckless they are in videos.

  4. Honestly? I think there’s grounds for criminal negligence here. Give him a night in a cell with a creepy tatted dude.

  5. If this happened to me, and I was temp banned, I would have a strong urge to use that time to make a recording where it looks like I tried the experiment again with a real crossbow resulting in grevious bodily injury, justifying the experiment by saying I got a new solid door from Home Depot. Since it would all be prerecorded it would of course be fake, and make use of editing and practical effects to make it look like the cameraman has a crossbow bolt lodged in his abdomen with copious amounts of fake blood. Then once unbanned after the buzz died down I would make sure everything is in the right place and everyone had the correct clothes on and transition to the recording to watch the chaos unfold, then move to Kick after the permaban. Not saying that I would definitely do that in that situation, or that it would be cool if he did that, I’m just saying if I was in that situation the attempt to pull a stunt like that would be there even though it is definitely distasteful, likely illegal, and would cause a lot of people to freak out.

    It’s kind of like how every time I’m getting an MRI when they turn the machine on I really want to say "this isn’t going to mess with my pacemaker, is it?" even though I know the technician would fail to see the humor as they rush to do an emergency shutdown on the machine wasting who knows how much energy and money and possibly giving someone a panic attack. So I don’t say that, even though I feel tempted every time.

    Maybe I’m a bad person for thinking of these things, or maybe I’m normal and most people have messed up thoughts that seem funny at the time but never act on them because they think of the possible negative ramifications.

    And then you have people who don’t think of the consequences and you end up with stuff like this and the Logan Paul forest video.

  6. You know, they could just have placed the camera inside the closet instead of having an actual human standing right behind it to record.. Dude could have gone away for murder lol

  7. Never liked ODS back in the day when they made csgo content.
    90% Was just gambling/case openings
    9% was simple trash talk
    And the remaining 1% is the topic of their video title. Which of course happened at the end.

    And yet I’m surprised to hear that charlie likes their content. That must mean something.

  8. He wouldn’t have died if he had the head on it…

    Hell, he could’ve shot him with a Glock 9mm and it would’ve made no difference.

    Gut shots take an extremely long to die from… Well, extremely long in comparison to like, say; getting shot in the heart, or, neck.

  9. Its kinda surreal to see ods on moist critical i never in a million years thought they’d end up on here

  10. Ods has been madly desperate for views the last couple of years, I’m not surprised some shit like this went down.

  11. Ah poor Joey! He’s a trooper though! A real one! All the crazy things he’s done. N of course rip Randall. 🔥💜

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