Easily Search Public Records UK (PRS)

Easily Search Public Records UK (PRS)

Use PRS to easily look up and find genealogy records, court records, marriage and divorce records, birth and death records, and automobile history records.

Search UK Public Records in:

England – https://www.publicrecordsearch.co.uk/england/
Scotland – https://www.publicrecordsearch.co.uk/scotland/
Wales – https://www.publicrecordsearch.co.uk/wales/
Ireland – https://www.publicrecordsearch.co.uk/ireland/
Northern Ireland – https://www.publicrecordsearch.co.uk/northern-ireland/

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  1. This website is simply a rinsing site for them to affiliate link you to paid genealogy website. There is literally zero information on their website for anything you might be looking for. Worse than useless.

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