Erasing Family (2020) | Full Documentary | US Divorce Court System

Erasing Family (2020) | Full Documentary | US Divorce Court System

Erasing Family – In North America, over 25 MILLION PARENTS are being erased from their children’s lives after divorce and separation. The ERASING FAMILY documentary follows young adults fighting to reunite with their broken families. Through the eyes of 23-year-old Ashlynn, 12-year-old Lauren and 28-year-old Brian, consequences on mental health caused by profiteering high-conflict divorce court settlements are revealed. The film shows programs that encourage mediation and shared parenting which will prevent parental alienation and future childhood trauma, making divorce and separation less costly both financially and emotionally. The film ends with children and parents being reunited on screen and will inspire other kids to reach out to #erased parents, siblings and grandparents.

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Director: Ginger Gentile

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  1. It’s hard to be convinced this documentary isn’t biased. It had some good points, but most of the stories seemed to be one sided and even staged. I’m not sure why we had to see the stepmother talking about the birth certificate with the son who was now in his late 20s (early 30s). I feel like it was staged to make her look bad. The son also seemed to have questions for his biological mother, about her not really trying hard enough, and she answered by using a time when the stepmother did something possibly vindictive to hurt her. I’m pretty sure a man of that age would wise up to why he hadn’t seen his mother by now, and he seems to indicate that in the film. Either way, no amount of conflict between these parents explain why the biological parents would sign over their parental rights. "Oops! Sorry!" Is the conclusion and somehow we’re supposed to sympathize rather than be suspicious. I also thought it was strange that one of the accused parents was willing to participate, yet we never hear her side of the story. I felt lead to believe that she was there to corroborate her daughter’s story, but she never quite says that. The only convincing story here was the boy who ran off to England, at least the mother didn’t sign over her parental rights and paid a million to fight for her son. This is coming from someone who was a victim of parental alienation by my children’s father. I just don’t think this is a good film on the subject.

  2. Divorce and unsuccessful marriages are usually due to what the woman is doing or not doing. They don’t divorce their jobs. They do everything their corporate boss asks.

  3. Well put together thankyou! I am in New Zealand the laws are just as corrupted. There is no follow up, no feeling heard, lengthy court processes and much much more… such a ‘grey’ and complex situation. Not enough ‘trained’ professionals capable off seeing through the BS. I also believe the psychological impact on the kids is never addressed there by continuing these cycles. I also believe more often than not the alienator is an incredibly damaged unhealed individual who either refuses to or cannot acknowledge the pain and damage they are inflicting on so many involved, especially their flesh and blood.

  4. Love this movie. Watched it 3 times. It’s sad but a gift to those who are working through the pain of Parental Alienation. God Bless all children and parents who have to deal with what is perhaps one of the best examples of humans at our worst. Just so sad…. Keep on loving! Peace to all.

  5. The court has forced me to hand my daughter to the same man that was convicted twice of domestic violence against me. He abuses her and the court has repeatedly turned a blind eye to it. I’m so sorry for all of the alienated parents and the children that suffer at the hands of judges.

  6. "#erasedmom" on the thumbnail? Srsly? Men get custody less than 5% of the time and ex-wives are able to access the husbands present/future earning for up to 2 decades? I have zero sympathy for single mothers. 1/2 my friends have gone through this and every single one of them had to deal with their wives using the kids as leverage to extort more $ and prizes from the ex. There are no governmental resources available to men, so there shouldn’t be any available to women. Divorce is rampant because women are incented to leave, simple as that. They can leave and get support from both the state and the ex. The entire system needs to be thrown out. Never sign a contract with a person who benefits from breaking it. #getridofnofaultdivorce

  7. Like everyone seems to comment, step mom in Brian’s story is infuriating.

    Bits and pieces from every story match the shit I have been through/ am going through. Heartbreaking.

  8. I am myself an erased dad for 4 1/2 years. It’s terrible. Before I never thought that such cruelties were possible in this culture seeing itself as enlightened, democratic and humanists.  
    Besides these countless erased parents we should not forget that there are even more erased grand-parents, uncles, aunties, close friends, … Later generations will certainly shake their heads at this mass inhumanity and not believe that WE are THEIR ancestors. Just as we cannot believe today that the witch burners are our ancestors.

  9. Karyn needs help. Sadly my Ex has found a woman just as evil and cruel as her. Not erased fully yet, but it’s getting worse and worse. I hate the family law system.

  10. Make no mistake SUFFOLK COUNTY L.I N.Y JUDGE SHERYL JOSEPH has put my daughter situation were suicide watch continues!

  11. This was such a great documentary. I cried so much. It was so triggering since I’m an erased parent. I haven’t seen my daughter in over 5 years. She’s 7 years old.

    This was heartbreaking, hopeful, and eye opening.

    As erased and an alienated society, we need to keep pushing for reform. I know in my own Advocacy work, this is what I’ll be doing.

    Follow me, friend me, fan me, talk to me. Let’s stand together, raise our voices and rise. We can make a difference if we keep pushing. 💜💙💚

  12. This documentary completely identifies and empathizes with the broken hearts that corruption, ignorance and greed continue to create.

    One thing it didn’t talk about was family/friend nepotism in courts. Trust me, it exists.

    Thank you, blessings and love to all who produced or have ANYTHING to do with this illustrious film.

    To the kids… I LOVE YOU and am there for you, even tho right now, I can’t be. ❤️🙏👨‍👧‍👦

  13. My dad waited until I left for college (I’m the youngest) to separate and eventually divorce. I really do appreciate him staying for me and my brother.

  14. These situations don’t occur just because of the court systems. Sometimes, the kid(s) are adults and they believe the lies told by one parent about the other parent. The alienating parents are often times narcissistic. The seeds of alienation are sowed YEARS prior to the divorce, and the alienating parent is EXTREMELY convincing. That is my situation.

  15. My mother did her best to "erase" my Dad many years ago, but she ran into one problem:

    A little girl who refused to give up her Daddy. That little girl was me, and I had just enough solid memories to know my Dad was the Good Guy, and my mother was lying to me about everything.

    From the age of three, when I watched him sobbing on the tarmac outside of our plane (my mother had told my sisters and I we were going to vacation with my Aunt and cousins, when in reality, we were flying to Reno NV for her to get a divorce), until age 18, when I lost him to pancreatic cancer, I never stopped fighting her for him.

    But it was a lifelong struggle that damaged my relationship with my mother for the rest of our lives, until she died this past year at 89. She could never admit her lies (affairs, younger sister with a different father) and her toxicity was legendary. A born-and-bred bigot, from the poorest parts of Mississippi, she was a social climber. My Dad just didn’t have deep enough pockets to suit her, so her second husband was an "upgrade" (in her eyes) to a doctor, and the third, an "officer and a gentleman" with very deep pockets. I left home at 18, only to come back to care for her husbands as they lay dying, something she didn’t have the bandwidth for.

    The reason I’m posting this is singulair: nearly every one of these kids could have told you ^which^ parent was truly the *toxic *one. But no one asks the kids, until whichever parent most filled with poison has had time to drown their them in their vile dogma. And then it takes a lifetime to undo all the damage, to the kids AND the *erased *parent. We have to start recognizing that not all "mothers" nurture their children, and to begin to not only ASK the kids what/how they feel, but do it before irreparable harm is done (and believe them when they do).

    Last two things: So very happy for Dizzy, Ashlynn and Kelly and their new life together!

    And Brian’s step-monster "Karyn"?? What an evil, loathsome, repugnant woman she is, and so appropriately named.

  16. Alienating a child from the other parent always back fires. In the end after the kids have grown up and become adults, they usual end up hating the parent that did the alienating.

  17. Parental custody of children needs to adopt the laws stated objective to achieve “What is best for the child”. This is not happening.
    We could do this by developing protocols that confers (over time sequentially) equal parental rights and responsibilities,…..after parentage is proven?
    Children’s natural maturation process has 3 stages and is the basis for the primary protocol being:-
    A. The unconditional love of the mother from birth until 7 years. The mother to have “thefinalsay” and child support.
    B. The conditional love of the father, who takes his children out into the world, gives security and teaches social boundaries from 7 years until 13. The father to have “thefinalsay” and child support
    C. The friendship and respect of peers from 13 years until 18. The child to have “thefinalsay”
    If these 3 stages are not navigated successfully, maturation will not be satisfactorily achieved and mental resilience reduced. This becomes generational.
    Such a regime of equal parental rights (over time) would bind parents into a co-operative relationship, because (over time) each will hold the power of “thefinalsay” when they are best favoured to use it. This binding of parents is an important consequence of the protocol, because the parent’s relationship is as important to the children’s development as their presence.
    This sequential primary parent protocol would be the default position, but in exceptional cases (with due process proof) can be varied by the court.
    The alleviate suffering is worthy. To prevent it is divine, but thankless.
    Buckminster Fuller said:-
    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

  18. For some reason every comment I make about Jennifer in this film is deleted. I’m not going to stop. She is a horrible mom in my opinion and she deserves the karma she is getting now.

  19. >This was a very eye opening documentary. But there needs to be a documentary on the Legalized Kidnapping that Child Protective Services does. My 3 boys were taken from me after there dads were found dead. I have not seen my two older boys in over 3 years and my youngest boy in over a year. And it has all but killed me. I am nothing without my babies.

  20. Dating someone whose had false accusations against him. I literally didn’t think this was happening like this in the system. We are all told men are scums if they don’t pay child support. But since knowing the guy I’m dating I’ve learned so much. However, I became very obnoxious because I haven’t come to terms with it as of yet because I think about my daughter and our future. It’s a tough one. Hard to accept at times. But I’m definitely inspired and this is super informative. I pray there is a way I could help one day.. God bless everyone!

  21. If my extremely narcissistic ex wife doesn’t burn in hell for her multiple affairs, she WILL certainly burn for alienating our only kid from me.

  22. The son at 1:14 is continuing the abuse of his alienated mother, putting the onus on her when she has reams of evidence showing her case and how hard she tried.

  23. This is by far the best parental alienation documentary I have ever seen. I am an erased mother to my son. My daughter and I miss her brother so much – I have not seen him in over 3.5 years. The most painful loss I have ever experienced in my life.

  24. This is riveting! How come videos like this aren’t trending on YouTube. More young men and women need to be informed with this type of information before making life decisions.

  25. AND sometimes parents stay with their abusive husband and the kids suffer more than you know. Get out if it’s not healthy. But let children see both their parents.

  26. Then after 50/50 is passed…….The ex-wife claims abuse and if that doesn’t
    work she claims the father is sexually abusive to the children. @58:25 is the woman’s loophole.
    VAWA has one purpose to destroy men!


  28. Family court is sick twisted place. I can’t believe people chose to work there. Lives are torn apart. Lawyers make money out of this. Commissioners said judge are like Gods.

  29. Family court is a corrupt institution that needs to be brought DOWN! My btch mother tried everything she could to keep my dad away, even calling other men my dad. Haven’t spoken to her in 20 years, I don’t need such a selfish, controlling person in my life. I hope kids who go through this garner the wisdom to know how to deal with these issues.

  30. Yes, it is a lucrative business. Especially for Child Support, or DHS who make millions through their crushing, demoralizing and outright thievery of divorced and devastated parents. How they take your ability to have a drivers license, yet demand you work to keep paying that child support. I had to pay child support and was behind and they took my license away. Child support is a very evil, greedy, disgusting "company". Never mind those guardian et litems who in my case, were flirting and winking at my ex in court, surprise…she rung up a huge bill because they communicated so much and of course she gave him full custody. The whole system needs to be completely changed. Stockholm Syndrome partly to do with parental alienation I believe.

  31. Now Chad Reed gets murdered Too trying to be a father after being reduced to a visitor thanks to the MONEY LAUNDERING/ PONZI SCHEME CORRUPTED FAMILY AND DIVORCE COURTS!

  32. Whoever said that one person gets to be a parent, and the other parent gets to be a visitor at best, or erased , (I’m paraphrasing), boy is that true. How unjust is that? When I was a little girl, I thought it was not fair that one parent got the kids, got money, and the other parent hardly ever got to see the kids, and had to pay a lot of money. I also noticed that one parent still lived in a big house, and the other parent who had to pay the money and was only allowed to see the kids on some weekends, lived in a little trailor. Stuff like that. I could see the depression in the man who was the "other parent". And, the victims are the children, and the "other" parent. Because, the non custodial parent who loves his or her child/children suffers tremendous pain when they’re denied their own child. Some custodial parents abuse this A LOT. I know, I’ve seen it. And I have seen how hurtful it is to him, as a Dad, and how traumatic it is for a mom to have her baby ripped away from her by the guy who abused her, threatened her, tampered with her car so she couldnt drive, and accused her of things she never did, because she was a really good mom. And, the abuser wanted to replace her with a new mom. And then, I saw Dad’s be erased, AND moms who were being erased, too. I have seen these things some people never see. And it is so sad, that a person who loves his child, or a mother who just wanted to protect her child, was set up, and then stripped of all their rights, with no money to ever get their life, or child back any time soon. And then, they have to pay for that with money, too. Even if they can’t possibly manage it because they dont make 80 thoudand dollars a year. So, they lost their kid or kids, are alienated from them, the kids get told ‘Dad doesn’t want to see you", or, "Dad can see you whdn Dad pays more money". And then, the parent who lost the kids lives like a homeless person. And has no drivers license sometimes. And ptsd, yes, that too. And, I heard a boy who was about 8 years old, say, "Well, both parents, the mom and the Dad should both get to see their kid. Because he needs both of his parents. And, the mom is really important, I mean, the Dad is important but the Mom is even bigger, and so it’s not right for a kid to not see his mom. She should always be with her kid". He was reqlly serious about it, too. So if a child can see it’s imbalanced then why can’t other people see it isn’t right?

  33. Family court is a racket designed to suck money out of a family. The adversarial system creates a winner and a loser – therefore the loser will spend years and put tens of thousands of dollars into the system trying to keep the relationship with their child. Then if the custodial parent is toxic she can make stupid allegations that the court will entertain, withhold visitation, it and then the problem is dad has to drop 10k to get it worked out, all the while time is going by, the kid is often alienated by then anyway. No wonder we have so many "deadbeats"

  34. It’s important to point out this is all driven by federal funding. DHHS gets beyween $.66-$3.00 for every dollar they collect in child support. And that is judt the beginning. Fathers funding, ex prisoners as fathers, that is the big one.

  35. Family courts occasionally abuse a mother, but family courts always abuse fathers. This is a fathers rights issue, for sure. For every one woman that gets screwed by the family courts (and it’s rare), there’s ten thousand fathers that have been screwed. If we get rid of the corruption against fathers/men, then the corruption that occasionally occurs to the few women it occurs to, will also stop.

  36. My mother tried to alienate me from my dad during and after their divorce. I still had custody time with him, but she would say lots of terrible things about him that I thankfully realized weren’t true once I left the nest. The things she said really messed with my relationship though while I was still a kid. I’m happy to say that now that I know the truth as an adult I have made up for lost time and our relationship is good.
    My mom sure seems to have gotten bitten by karma in general since the divorce and I’ve lost a lot of respect for her since I realized she hated my dad more than she loved me. People who try to alienate the other parent seem to get what they deserve.

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