1. Well spoken, intelligent, and elequant. Police Officer Michael Fanone represented his position so well.

    Thank you, Officer Fanone.

  2. Reminder, the medical examiner ruled Brian’s death a stroke.. trauma induced stroke, which means his death was triggered or exacerbated by a violent crime against him..

    Nobody wants to talk about it, but one of the protesters is a cop killer

  3. Trump and other Republicans who are all for law and order turned their heads on 01/06/2021. Trump watched for almost three and a half hours while doing nothing. Absolutely Nothing. None of the Republicans voted to award those Capitol D.C. police officers. Trump and the Republicans have never offered to help those almost nine hundred idiots in legal trouble because Trump on 01/06/2021. I doubt that Trump and many of those Republicans do not care if innocent children were murdered if it took getting what Trump and Republicans wanted.

  4. Brother I hate to say it we have accused rapist sitting on a supreme Court and a x president trying to overthrow the government WTF you were armed and saw fellow officers being beaten near to death and none of y’all fired a weapon it’s your fault but if they were black or brown maybe you would not have hesitated 🤔

  5. Definitely Will Order And Will Read Michael Fanone’s Book, "Hold The Line." A true hero, wishing Michael Fanone all the best! 💫💜💫

  6. Today’s "GOP" is the "Trump Party"….and it is completely without credibility. The "Trump Party" works AGAINST the United States.

  7. The GOP leadership proves everyday what spineless people they really are. They worship Trump even when he verbally attacks & ridicules them and their spouses. Spineless lying weasels compromise the GOP.

  8. Re: Fanone’s meeting with McCarthy: Did Fanone really expect to hear something different from McCarthy, a politician?
    99% of all the politicians would have conducted themselves exactly as McCarthy did.
    Cheney and Kinzinger are the exceptions, not the rule.

  9. No one cares what Fanone has to say. Once the Republicans take the house and Senate CNN won’t have any use for this chump.

  10. You’re right, law enforcement has strict guidelines before they shoot white folks committing crimes, but different guidelines when it comes to shooting Black’s/people of colour.

  11. Trump is a PROVEN TRAITOR TO AMERICA. The RepubliKKKan Party’s continuing support of him is giving "aid & comfort" to THAT TRAITOR. In the words of the Constitution THIS MAKES THEM TRAITORS AS WELL!

  12. I wish more conversations involving politicians were recorded. But the Law favors liars more often than not. Michael Fanone continues to impress me by speaking truth.

  13. Mr. Fanone you are my hero. I would fight beside you, even though I am 86. God Bless you and your family. You inspire so many, I’m sure your children will be so proud of you. What a legacy. Look at the kind of Father rump has been. You will have justice through your actions, and hopefully, so will he.

  14. Trump wants America to become an authoritarian regime under him and the Republican Party like China, Iran, N. Korea, Russia, etc. Trump wants control of everything from abortion, voting rights, personal freedoms, law enforcement, the press and the military. We CAN NOT ALLOW Democracy to be destroyed by a man who thinks he’s above all laws in this country including God’s. Remember Jan. 6, 2021 when HIS MOB attacked our sacred nation’s capitol with no regard to law enforcement. He wants white supremacy, far right extremist individuals and groups to rule America. Vote come November for Democracy, not Trumpocracy.
    Trump and the Republican Party DO NOT support law enforcement in this country. They attack them! Look at Jan. 6, 2021.

  15. I understand his argument for not shooting to a point, but it amazes me that some cops will shoot a black kid trying to get away but you will not shoot a white person that’s whipping your ass.
    One officer shot but yet when it’s 5 or more officers with a single black male they seem to not have an problem with pulling the trigger.
    I know all police officers are different but these officers lives were truly in danger and out of all of them only one defended himself from true harm.
    Maybe it was because they were outnumbered, I’m just comparing the scenarios…

  16. Michael Fanone sure stood up for U.S. and us on Jan. 6. It looks like he’s still standing tall for us all.

  17. I think all of REAL America is proud of Officer Panone and his fellow officers’ actions that day. They are the true patriots, and heros; not Trumps Traitors that so many Republican sycophants are trying to sell us. The difference is striking. VOTE!

  18. All for this , but tame down the left propa… , Lemon shirt? C’mon! Raise the game , it’s easy with the resources , and influence … available . This is almost at Hannity / Tucker level! RAISE UP!

  19. God bless all of you. And to the idiots…yall can all rot in hell. To think our men and women went through this and yall act this way. SHAMEFUL!!!!

  20. I will always be amazed at the restraint the Capitol Police showed. There were many times that deadly force was justified. On more than 1 occasion they saw a colleague being dragged into the mob to be viciously assaulted. They were attacked with spears, clubs, fire extinguishers and bear spray, just to name a few of the weapons used on them. Fanone would have been murdered if saner people hadn’t stepped in. J6 could have easily been a justified bloodbath.

    Of course, some A-Hole commenters will claim – Ooh. Ooh. I saw a video of the cops waving people in. Ooh. Ooh. —. That’s normal for delusional Retrumplickin cultists. They refuse to believe their own eyes and instead believe their Exalted Cult Leader when he says there was only hugging and kissing between the cops and the mob. That there was LOVE in the air. That there was no violence, the mob was just like a bunch of ordinary tourists.
    I will never understand how so many people give up their free will and become mindless members of a cult

  21. Officer Fanone, and all the brave officers who stood up, that day, for people who didn’t deserve to be protected, are true heroes. We need more like that, and far fewer like Graham, McConnell and McCarthy. #VoteBlue #VoteforDemocracy! #SaveDemocracy

  22. South Carolinas and Kentuckians must accept some responsibility for electing those Senators. Americans elected Trump. That is the type of country you deserve because you either support these imoral people getting elected or chose not to vote and thereby allowed the democratic system to fail.

  23. "As police officers we have strict guidelines on how we can use force"

    Except if it’s a black guy holding a cellphone or a black woman sleeping in her bed. At which point those "guidelines" seem to disappear…

  24. If ever there was a clear justification to use deadly force,…this was the gold standard of the “ I was in fear for my life “ defense that so many cops have used to gun down people for decades. No one has given a coherent explanation for why these cops didn’t use their weapons, save one. Shooting an unarmed man or woman multiple times because they “appeared” threatening somehow trumps a crazed mob trying to savagely attack you?

  25. The violence of the foot ball match has just took place . It is enough answering why ? When a game plays unfair then the fans , the supporters will rebel . If there were not many abnormal things took place in the election then the 6/1 would not happened . Why have not investigated the persons who did those abnormal things ? He only called” a fair “ and had never used any violent word. The truth will repay for the righteous man. Some persons took advantage his call to throw stones then hide their hands blaming him.

  26. Here’s where you and I differ,I would have shot as many as I could, especially while watching a fellow officer being attacked, yes that’s what you were there for, to protect the capital sir.

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