Family Law Attorney Memphis TN | Divorce Lawyer

Family Law Attorney Memphis TN | Divorce Lawyer

Memphis Tennessee family law lawyer CALL: (901) 425-1577;; For many of our clients, the uncertainty of divorce is the hardest part of the process to cope with. There are questions about who will get what, who will live where, who will take care of the kids, so on and so forth. With so many questions preoccupying our clients, the best way to help them is to provide them with answers. Our experience as divorce lawyers in Memphis TN allows us to provide answers to simple and complex questions alike and help quell the uncertainty that surrounds the divorce process and family law. Regardless of the nature of your question, we can help you get an answer and move you towards resolution of your divorce.
Put us to work helping you reach the best possible outcome for your divorce. We strive hard to help our clients achieve the results they desire.
What Happens During a Divorce?
There are peculiarities that vary from divorce to divorce or by region to region, but in general, the basic process of a divorce remains the same. First the couple or filing party states the “grounds” for the divorce. This serves as the reason for the divorce.
Once the grounds are understood, the divorce lawyers will file for discovery to learn about all the assets and liabilities in play. At this time your lawyer may also file to have your spouse live in a different location or formal separation. From here you and your spouse work through your attorneys to reach an agreement as to how the assets, liabilities, custody, etc. will be handled. If for some reason you cannot come to an agreement, the judge assigned to your case will rule on the matter.
We want to help you reach the best possible divorce settlement in order to provide you with a good start to the rest of your life. Call us today at (901) 425-1577 to schedule a no-obligation consultation with an attorney.

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