Family Law Attorney Speaks To Parents Of 8-Year-Old Caught In Unusual Custody Dynamic: ‘None Of Y…

Family Law Attorney Speaks To Parents Of 8-Year-Old Caught In Unusual Custody Dynamic: ‘None Of Y…

The birth mother of an 8-year-old claims her son is being used as a pawn by his father and adoptive mother, who she says sent him back to her – temporarily. Family law attorney Atousa Saei weighs in on this unusual child custody dynamic.

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  1. Are those adults so fool. They don’t think two kids. They don’t service those kids at. Just blaming others.

  2. One of the biggest challenges with being a family lawyer is how emotional it can be, you get to know the family your with and they almost start to feel like they are part of YOUR dysfunctional family. That being said that makes a family lawyer in my opinion one of the most humane types of lawyers and I applaud this one for showing such heart on this issue.

  3. I have to point out, that though I agree with the lawyer that if the father thought there was a chance their child would be harmed if they were left with Mom who has an addiction, then he would’ve said so before.

    But kids shouldnt be taken away JUST BECAUSE OF AN ADDICTION!!!
    They should be taken away if there is concern for the kids safety. Although many parents with addictions tend to harm their kids mentally, emotionally, or physically (whether that be through abuse or neglect), but that doesnt mean ALL people who suffer from addiction deserve to have their kids taken away.
    Not unless were planning to take away kids for obesity, cancer, heart disease….

  4. That family law attorney has no business speaking to them like she’s a therapist. And even worse, she’s doing it in an angry way. There was nothing professional about that lady. Sorry.

  5. The only person that matters is your children. Resolve your issues before getting into the courts, which will destroy you, and them, most of all.

  6. I agree with the attorney. the mother doesnt need to be around the child if she is on drugs there will be a risk for the child, as a worker the mother being on drugs is a addiction. and the child should not be around that type of thing. also if the mother is using needles she needs to talk to her doctor and get her some help.

  7. The poor child needs to be taken away from his mother, father and step mother. They are so toxic. They don’t deserve to have kids.

  8. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 FINALLY SOMEONE THAT SAYS IT LIKE IT IS! Like sorry if youre feelings get hurt but dang you all need to hear this. Tough love.

  9. God give the attorney her own show. She went straight for the throat. No punches pulled. She was not trying to be mean she was just not sugar coating the truth.

  10. Can someone PLEASE I’M BEGGING Y’ALL 🙏🙏🙏🙏 tell me what episode this is? I REALLY REALLY WANT TO SEE IT

  11. Hi friendly reminder dear Phil is no longer a mandated reporter. And this show isn’t ethical for anyone who uses "Dr". K byeeeee

  12. The blonde with the blue dress is definitely the only person who listened to her rant & took responsibility

  13. "All I hear is ME, ME, ME, ME, ME w/ no mention of the well being of the child"! Dang this lady is brilliant!

  14. Whatever Phil. 9/10 it IS. who the most fist. CPS IS A GARBAGE AGENCY WITH NO IDEA EITHER !!! look to a loving relative

  15. 😆😆😆 The woman on the lawyers rights face: 😳
    She’s thinking, "Oh please God, don’t let me piss her off…"

  16. The moral of this story: Know when you’re playing against the house, not other people. The house in this case being the court.

  17. That is my boss, telling the facts to these people. It does hurt to hear the facts but the reality, it’s better to hear the facts.

  18. The lawyer is bang on point, they are all bad parents in my opinion, I feel for the little boy, stuck with complete turds for parents, shame on them all.

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