FAQ How do I start filing for a divorce in New Jersey?

FAQ How do I start filing for a divorce in New Jersey?

The traditional way of starting a divorce in the state of New Jersey is to file a complaint with the courthouse. So what you need to do essentially is to create a package. A lawyer knows how to do it very simply, but if you were to do it on your own, ultimately, you need the complaint for divorce itself. In the complaint, you give a lot of information about you, your spouse, if you have children, where you live, and other types of information, but most importantly, you need to choose a ground for divorce.What is that? Irreconcilable differences, which essentially are just a breakdown of the relationship for a period of at least six months, extreme cruelty, adultery, ultimately, you can choose any of the grounds. It could be separation for a period of at least 18 months, habitual drunkenness, it could be incarceration. There’s a whole host of grounds that you can select from. You don’t have to just choose one, in fact, you can choose many, but you need at least one ground in order to file your complaint. There are other documents that go with your complaint for divorce too and those are required to be attached to this package, and the court needs them to be attached, otherwise, your complaint will not be accepted by the court. When you file that complaint, that’s how the court recognizes that you exist as a new case. They affix a docket number, which essentially is your case number, and that’s how the court knows who you are and how to recognize you when you come to the court into the future.

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