Filing for Divorce in Tulsa | Tulsa Divorce Attorneys & Associates |

Filing for Divorce in Tulsa | Tulsa Divorce Attorneys & Associates |

The divorce process in Tulsa can be complicated. The main issues generally involve minor children and who is going to have custody. There are a few different types of custody the parents can choose and sometimes this is done by agreement but other times the issue is highly contested.

Joint Legal Custody: This means that both parents are equally involved with the major decisions surrounding the raising of the child. A good general description of joint legal decision making involves major life decisions rather than day to day decision making. Joint legal custody may be subject to the other parents visitation with said visitation depending on many factors.

Joint Physical Custody: This is shared parenting of the child as to physical custody. This type of custody is presumed by Oklahoma Family Law Statutes. An example of joint physical custody might involve one week with one parent and the other week with the other parent. Its important to understand that the courts will favor what ever agreement for shared custody that the parents can reach.

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