Filling Out Divorce Papers For Dummies

Filling Out Divorce Papers For Dummies

Filling Out Divorce Papers For Dummies
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A divorce case will always require the couple to fill out divorce forms, before anything begins. The divorce process is usually very stressful for both parties. The time to sit and learn how to fill in these forms is the last thing on someone’s mind. However, you will need to do this right for the procedure to push through as fast as possible so as each person can leave on his or her own life.

Below are a few tips that will guide you on how to fill out your divorce forms:
#1 Get the correct forms
Different states and countries have their own specific forms for divorce. This is what has made it easier for people as one will not be expected to prepare a form from scratch but instead will only fill out the questions asked in the ready made form.

#2 Read and Understand the Instructions given
Like any other questionnaire, you will have instructions given on how you should answer the questions. Understand all these before you attempt anything. This is important because you may be required to fill certain blanks with capital letters only, or use paragraphs.

#3 Do not leave blank headings
This is very important because the court will file your forms. At times, accidents can happen and your form may be disorganized. Headings will see to it that the forms can be placed back together as they were before.

#4 Answer your questions thoroughly
The court uses this information to know how they can help you. If you make it clear to them about the things you expect, they will surely try and make it happen. Be free and frank. They asked the questions, just give an honest answer.

#5 Fill out the declaration part
This is a legal matter that could result to hurt and loss of children and property. The court will need to make sure that you have filled out true information only. Fill out the declaration that everything you have filled out is true and is not just an attempt to get back at your spouse.

#6 After you are through with your forms, personally deliver them to the court and file them. This is a family issue, so it will need to be filed under the Family Law. This is a necessary step that will see to it that the case is called for immediately.

#7 Use a certified person to service the papers to the other party
The papers you file should also be filled out and signed by your spouse. You cannot deliver them yourself, however I am sure that the government in your country or state has hired people to specifically handle such matters.

The above steps will help guide you on how to fill the forms correctly. If you have any query or anything in the forms that you do not understand you can seek the help of an attorney or visit a legal aid department for help. Hopefully you can go through the process of filling out divorce forms without any problems.


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