Financial Settlements After Divorce

Financial Settlements After Divorce

Settlements after divorce can get very stressful, and expensive. You will be able to save yourself time and money if you know the law.

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  1. <I went through a lot of financial crisis during my divorce, I had to raise my two kids alone, Currently I’m living smart and frugal with my money. Bought my second house already. Saving and investing lifestyle made it possible for me; even till now I earn monthly through passive income. I’m planning on retiring when my kids finish college.."

  2. I don’t think it right for a woman to start a relationship still married try to get a divorce then think the husband pose too still pay that’s the other man problem then is it not he can’t get off that easy

  3. I have a relationship with married man, he said "theyre not in good terms anymore that last year they both planned to have divorce and it was postponed because his wife’s mom died. They’re still living in same house and told me theyre like room mates and sleep in different room". I asked him when you plan to divorce again. he said he needs to wait for her wife to get the settlement so her wife wont get his money when he filed a divorce. I stalked her wife facebook and she seems happy with but different from what my boyfriend says to me about their relationship. He said, he’s been emotionally abused, they dont have kids, wife always drunk, they always fight. I dont know if i believe him, i dont know much about divorced since we dont have that in my country. please enlighten me about this. Is it true if the girl get her settlement, she might not take his money when he file a divorce? i find it unreasonable.

  4. Men, don’t get married. It’s a financial trap. Marriage is a code word for: "Financial insurance for women".

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  6. My ex divorced me without financial settlement now I won’t get his pension either
    He has sent me consent order for maintence should I agree to it

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  8. No kids, she own the house , I own a car on finance, house is hers as I signed a prenup…she’s due to get over a million due to land sale…so she gets my pension…I get nowt

  9. Is alimony only a possible entitlement for married couples or do the same rules apply for defacto couples?

  10. The fool says ”the courts have white powers which they will exercise too make fair and equal division of the family assets” if by fair and equal you mean take everything from the husband and give it too the wife, then okay yes i agree.

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