Financially Prepare for Divorce with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Financially Prepare for Divorce with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Divorce is a difficult process. It’s often emotionally overwhelming and financially devastating – much more so for women than men. In fact, the decrease in women’s lifestyle or income is 20-41% on average after divorce. And almost 30% of women find themselves in poverty after divorce.

Isn’t that a heartbreaking statistic?

Rhonda Noordyk, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and founder of the Women’s Financial Wellness Center, is on a mission to change that.

Today, I’m chatting with her about all things divorce and money. She’s giving her best divorce advice when it comes to how to prepare financially for divorce, including…
👉 Divorce financial planning
👉 How the handle finances during divorce
👉 Financial strategies for divorce

Financial divorce recovery for women starts here. Press play and get the financial information you need.


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  1. Talking about cost of divorce that affect the gap. I heard there is is a clause that women can pay for the divorce attorney from family account/ savings? It shouldn’t be just her expenses. What can stop her from using this privilege ?

  2. While this is good as a motivator, my take away was that I don’t have the money to have a team of experts and therapists around me. I would love to hear more practical advice. For instance, I probably could afford a book so the one she mentioned is helpful. Also, I have learned about a group called Second Saturdays, which gives free advice to women like myself, who truly don’t have an extra $20, much less a couple of thousand to pay for sound advice.

  3. Are you interested in more videos on divorce and finance? What questions do you want answered?

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