Five Reasons Marriage Counseling Fails | Dr. David Hawkins

Five Reasons Marriage Counseling Fails | Dr. David Hawkins

In this video Dr. David B. Hawkins, Director of The Marriage Recovery Center, teaches about the Five Reasons Marriage Counseling Fails and how you can seek out the best help for your marriage challenges.


Dr. Hawkins and his team of experts offer education and professional training as well as treatment for narcissistic and emotional abuse.

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The internet is inundated with hyperbole and misinformation about narcissism, leaving many people confused and hopeless. Get the facts about narcissism and emotional abuse from someone who has been researching, writing about and treating narcissism and emotional abuse for over a decade.

Dr. Hawkins is a best-selling author and clinical psychologist with over three decades of experience helping people break unhealthy patterns and build healthier relationships. He is the founder and director of the Marriage Recovery Center and the Emotional Abuse Institute which offers education, training and counseling for people who want to break free of, and heal from, emotional abuse.

Whether the perpetrator of the abuse is your spouse, partner, parent, boss, friend or family member, we offer practical advice for anyone trapped in a toxic, destructive relationship. In addition to narcissism & emotional abuse, topics include covert, reactive, spiritual, secondary, relationship trauma and more.

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