Four Kids and Jo WORRIES Their Marriage Won't Last – Supernanny (S8, E13) | Full Episode | Lifetime

Four Kids and Jo WORRIES Their Marriage Won't Last – Supernanny (S8, E13) | Full Episode | Lifetime

Joe and Clarissa are on the brink of divorce. There’s no balance between their parental obligations in Season 8, Episode 13, “Esquivel Family.”

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Drawing on 30 years of professional experience, Jo is back to help stressed-out parents tackle social and behavioral challenges as well as new issues faced by modern-day families. With a recipe of honest, direct and nurturing support, Jo offers real-life solutions to parents – uplifting families with advice, techniques, and tips to iron out the chaos in their lives, helping families evolve.

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  1. watching supernanny and seeing how the parents work (or dont work) together makes me realize truely how little my dad does. my dad is joe but like 2 times worse. he makes my mom cry, doesnt empathize afterward, hits peoples insecurities, calls me fat (i am obese, but i am mobile and am actively playing sports), and lies. this is why men and dads get bad rep. when i become a dad, my goal is to never be like mine.

  2. We really need to stop expecting everyone to have children… clearly this dude does not want them and does not want to do the work that it takes to raise 4 children, and so we end up with situations like this. I feel horrible for this mom, her husband is unbearable lol

  3. He really thinks he’s something special all right just cuz he’s a cop doesn’t make you any better than anybody else he’s disgusting

  4. Food for thought:
    These are the the men we have on our
    streets, serve and protect, with children, that turn to adults, who aren’t his own. I am glad he tried, but it worries me that he changed his career . Why? No reason good enough to change the pay to less from the job he had. No control at home. His eyes tell all.

  5. My dad and mom were working together from day 1 to make sure I was cared for. Mom told me she and dad both took days off work when I was a baby, swapping every day so I was taken care of.

  6. I’m so tired of men using their job as an excuse. I can guarantee he doesn’t work nearly as hard as her, even as a cop. I always say single mothers have proven to us that you can both work and parent full time! Being a parent is 24/7 job and it’s between the father and the mother, if both parents are still together. Even divorced parents coparent better than this! I feel for her I truly do, I can tell she loves being a mom and she truly wants to be the best for her kids, but unfortunately her partner is not stepping up and doing his part as a father. I’m so happy for her for getting a divorce, I wondered why when she mentioned it on social media and now I can see why. So glad she realized she deserved better!

  7. Wow. He’s unbelievably selfish. "I’ve always worked really hard for her to be able to accomplish what she’s has accomplished, staying home and building up what she’s built up to this point." She’s lucky that he’s allowing her to do what she wants? What she wants is a happy home, which affects him too. She enriches his life and the lives of their children. It’s not her 9-5, buddy. It’s her 24/7. He works 40 hours a week….she works, what, 168? Is that fair? He thinks he’s doing her a favor by not bringing his job home. She doesn’t have that luxury. Her job IS HIS HOME. UGH. I’m mad. LOL. I don’t blame her for being frustrated. He’s lucky she’s not a b**** because she has every right to be!

  8. Spanish women are house maid and take of the children’s I went to Mexico Veracruz Mexico and Mexico City at well their culture is for women is the maid and take care the children’s I don’t knw if these spouses are Spanish or what I knw abut mostly Spanish culture goes for bcuz I was married with a Spanish man befz 😇🙏🏽🙇🏽‍♀️🌹🤓🕊

  9. he can’t help because he works 10 hours a day… 4 days a week??? by boyfriend used to work 12 hours a day 7 days a week and still helped me so much with our newborn at the time and helped me with chores around the house. He now works & hours a day 6 days a week and he still helps. Literally no excuses. he doesn’t deserve her.

  10. Joe works 40 hours a week, but
    Clarissa works 24/7.

    Joe said himself in the very beginning that he was going to get called out. The problem is not phobia, its his culture. He believes dishes, cleaning, and taking care of children are a woman’s job.

  11. This is why you give your children chores and ask your children to get things for you around your home or whatever. Make sure they pick up after themselves. Don’t run your home like the army but ya know set some function in your home. Teach children the value of a clean home to be proud of. That includes yard work too. Or they’ll grow up like this husband.

    When she was yelling at her child to go to bed, that’s overwhelming stress right there.

  12. Has this man never heard of rubber dish gloves before? I don’t like touching wet food either but I just wear gloves goodness gracious

  13. He has a problem with dishes because he doesn’t want to do it 😐. He does not have a phobia

  14. "there’s a lot of stuff on both of our plates" what’s on yours ? Working 40 hours a week ? He’s thinking about himself instead of others

  15. Hope you divorced him, girl. May be serving the people but he’s not serving his family. Disgraceful.

  16. One statement: financial and emotional abuse of mom.
    One for that she can’t leave him and always stay with him. Men would do that.
    Emotional one deprives them of feeling content and blowing up, then the narcissist blames them.
    They are very clever in that aspect.
    This is written all over this episode.
    South East Asia cultures have the same behavior toward woman.

  17. so … are we just gunna’ ignore and NOT be *terrified* a *_POLICE OFFICER_* lacks empathy and self-control?

    are we just not supposed to worry about that?

  18. I love and support this woman in her struggle, but "night night" and it’s clearly still day outside… I’m with Jo. Unless there’s a serious reason, Yikes.😕

  19. So let me get this straight, he obviously works and takes care of the bills and utilities, and her job is to raise the kids and take care of home .. how is that not 50/50 ? As a women myself I see no issue her she’s lazy af why she having all these kids she can’t control

  20. He’s not very authoritative and his voice is very mousy! I don’t what she saw in him that would make her want to marry him? He also looks like Gilbert Gottfried!! 🙄😬😂

  21. "I don’t like doing dishes" — "I can get up with the kids on my days off but I won’t do it right" — this is weaponized incompetence.

  22. I hate the guy. He’s such a baby. I don’t like getting my hands dirty either, but it’s called life. I also work 40+ hours and the "swing shift" at my job and I still get all my chores done. I feel bad for his wife.

  23. These kids are so cute. I could eat them up! The older two are so sweet, I would love having them in my classroom.

  24. i lowkey understand how he has a "phobia" while washing dishes.
    i do because i hate getting the food and disgusting left behinds on my hands ✋🏽 but guess what , bro?
    …..these WOOONDERFUL things exist….. *THEY’RE CALLED **_GLOVES!_* 🧤🙄😒🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. Wow, supernanny and marriage counselor. Jo wears many hats. I’m glad that this family was receptive to her advice, that means they are wise:

    "Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is brutish."-Proverbs 12:1

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