Frank Opens Up

Frank Opens Up

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Frank tries to open up to Kevin

F is for Family (Season 3 Episode 9)

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  1. As much of an asshole Frank can be, his father sounds much worse and I’m hoping he gets to put him through a wall in the next season.

  2. “How do I sum him up? I was in the fifth grade play. And my dad said he was actually going to take off work to come and see me, so I was excited. Well…turn out he just came down there to laugh at me. Which he did. Loudly and repeatedly. So. (Mur-mhem) I started to forget my lines. And more people started laughing. He humiliated me. Afterwards he refused to give me a ride home because he said that there was no room in a DeSotto for sissies who act in plays. My mother as always was silent. (Sniffle) Fucking guy drove…drove behind me the whole way over blowing the horn saying ‘Who wants a daughter? Thought I had a son!’ Called me…Called me Francine for the rest of the year. I told myself right then and there…that I would never be like him…I guess…it really hurts me to think that you look at me like-





  3. Bet you in season 4 Frank’s dad is gonna be all nice and sweet to sue and the kids and its gonna drive Frank insane.

  4. I’m here because season 4, I’ll be honest I forgot the story thanks to Kevin. So when I saw it I was like why does this seem familiar? In frank story before the season came out I imagined that his dad looking like a fucking deadbeat.

  5. I was really feeling this scene but when it showed Kevin sleeping I lost it. One moment i’m feeling sympathetic for Frank and the next i’m laughing my ass off. I love this show

  6. He should also be telling the story the bill, due to him being a punching bag through the whole series.

  7. I accidentally saw the season finale first before this episode so I figured at the end it was Sue’s father who was coming to stay with the Murphy’s. After seeing this later, you can imagine that being able to read that letter and call him "Francine" at the end, makes the reveal at the end of the season all the more horrible.

  8. I’d tell Frank how harsh it was to have such a cruel dad. I can see why he’s so quick to anger all the time.

  9. Has he made a crossover with the druggie horse? We can set a challenge on who gets the most depressing life. $20 bucks ok the horse

  10. Forgot about this scene. Frank is an asshole to his kids, but it comes from a place of love. He actually cares about his kids and wants them to be successful, and thinks that being extremely harsh and intimidating is the way to do it. Well-meaning, but very unhealthy.
    Frank’s dad…. the guy sounds like a monster. It takes a special kind of sadist to go out of your way to hurt your own child like that.

  11. This doesn’t feel like Frank saying this I think this actually happened to Bill at some point the delivery is insane

  12. Really interesting scene. I just hope that Frank actually puts his father through the wall next season. Also I know Frank has MAJOR anger issues and for good reasons but there are times I just think he needs to calm down when he can

  13. I love how Kevin’s so stupid that he honestly still believed that his grandfather lived on a comet.

  14. 2:13 Kevin Sleeping is So Funny!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Damn, I know that must hurt like hell to get told "It’s hard to be around you sometimes" by your own son.

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