Free Divorce Resources with Ilyssa Panitz

Free Divorce Resources with Ilyssa Panitz

Survive and thrive through your divorce. Today’s guest, Ilyssa Panitz the red carpet journalist who became the only Divorce Journalist/Columnist committed to helping others navigate this major life transition: covering every angle and exploring every topic when it comes to a divorce.

Today’s episode contains a wealth of information available to you as you walk through the divorce process. “Let me be your waze…I will get you there.” Ilyssa Panitz. The first and most important step is to do your homework. Learn what you have, what you owe and make a list. Sometimes you can learn a lot just by checking your mail. As you know, knowledge is power. This power can bring you some peace when you are going through a difficult divorce. You can find all things divorce in Ilyssa’s articles. Ilyssa writes a daily column entitled “5 Things You Need to Know How to Survive and Thrive During & After A Divorce” for Authority Magazine on Medium.

She also serves as the Content/Editorial Producer for The National Association of Divorce Professionals, as well as a Co-Host of “All Things Divorce” on Clubhouse.

In July 2021, Ilyssa began reaching an even wider audience through her role as creator and host of a national radio show called, “The Divorce Hour with Ilyssa Panitz” that airs weekly on CRN Digital Talk Radio.

Ilyssa’s prior experience as a Reporter/Producer for leading media outlets has afforded her a seamless segue into the world of divorce reporting. Over the course of her extensive career, Ilyssa has worked at such communications icons as CNN, MSNBC, 1010 WINS Radio (NY), WCBS-AM, New York-1 News, Westwood One, Star Magazine, Closer Magazine, and Meredith Publishing. Among the major news events that she has covered are The Tony Awards, The MTV Movie Awards, the Television Network Upfronts, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, The September 11th Terrorist Attacks, The NBA Finals, and the 1994/1995 Major League Baseball Strike.

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