Free Marriage Counseling Online: Advice on unity in marriage.

Free Marriage Counseling Online: Advice on unity in marriage.

Listen to the answer I give to a woman in the audience. Her question was, “How do you achieve more unity in marriage.”

My name is Felice Mathieu and I am a Christian Marriage Counselor | Blogger | Speaker Poet & Author.

Subscribe to this channel(and click the bell icon to be notified) for free marriage counseling online. This channel seeks to help tackle what I believe is the #1 marriage problem couples face. Poor communication in marriage.

It takes a village to raise marriages. I’m just doing my part.

Join the communication in marriage village:

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My free marriage counseling online village is just a way for you to get quick solutions to less complicated problems(drug and alcohol addictions, severe mental disorders) you will consistently face regarding communication in marriage.

Keep in mind though that sometimes going to see a professionally paid counselor, that you see over a long period of time, is needed to deal with your complicated issues.

For the less complicated issues, or if you can’t afford a counselor, you can use this free marriage counseling online channel along with other resources you normally use to help your marriage grow.

For the more complicated issues leave me a comment and maybe I can help by either referring you to a trusted resource or offering you some guidance myself.

This channel, this ‘visual ministry’ is focused on improving communication in marriage, through Jesus’ perspective.

Couples that lack communication in marriage will benefit from this village.

Sometimes couples, don’t talk at all. I’ll help with that too.

I seek to help spouses argue less and talk more in their marriage fairly, respectfully, and biblically.

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