1. Thank you! just a quick question though. CAN ANYONE ANSWER THIS? For Sexual Reproduction, how would you start off with 2 different hyphae? is it because a mutation has accidentally occured?

  2. you explained the sexual reproduction very well! ut you didn’t explain the asexuall as detailed, how it happens. I write in my exam that it happens through budding etc but it seems like my professor doesn’t think that’s enough information

  3. Nice job explaning the "when" and "why" occurs one type of reproduction or the other. Thank you!

  4. You are doing a great job by making such video, this video has been extremely helpful to me to understand this concept of reproduction in fungi. I am very very Very thankful to you.

  5. good video, but could have been more thorough and questions remain. Say, is there a fruiting body at any point during the sexual reproductive cycle? you don’t specify that. I would presume yes.

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