General Notary Divorce Signing; how to handle.

General Notary Divorce Signing; how to handle.

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Hello my fellow notary friends. I’m Kimmi a Notary Loan signing agent. General
notary work is also one of my favorite parts of the business. The purpose of this channel is to help you grow your business and enjoy it!
I am not an attorney or tax advisor. Always consult a professional.

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  1. Can the other party’s lawyer do the notarizing on the divorce papers and file the documents even if I have never seen or presented those forms to begin with?

  2. Greetings Kimmi,
    Great information, I did a divorce notary before. Keep posting great notary information.

  3. Question; My ex used his best friends mother in law to notarize over 150+ papers. They verbally rushed me to sign without fully explaining everything. At the end she asked me if I understood everything stated in the documents and I told her no. She looked at my ex with a sad face and said she couldn’t finish the documents. He took it back to her 23 days later and she notarized it without me present. We went in on 1/3 and she wrote 1/3 but than wrote 1/26 on top of it. He got sole custody of our two kids and two years of us sharing joint custody equally. I’ve tried for years to get justice to no avail so I’m considering suing her for doing that. It wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t signed that without my consent.

  4. Thank you Kimmi. This information is right on time. I’ve had one Divorce and had no idea how long it would take or how many documents were in the package. It took about 1-1/2 hours and I stamped 10 times. I’m glad I charged what I did to make it worth my while. You are one of the few that focuses on GNW and I’m appreciative. I’m in Ohio.

  5. I am so ready to jump into this business. I have a printer and all my certifications, but I am so afraid to really interact with people due to Delta.
    What do you do to protect yourself at signings?

  6. Ive done 2 divorce signings so far. But I’m still a newbie. I appreciate these tips because i didn’t ask those questions, because of inexperience but I will next time. Both signings was only one spouse present, the other spouse had signed already. Thank you so much.

  7. Hello from the Mobile Notary from LA ( lower Alabama). I have done a divorce signing. The wife DRUG the husband to my house. 8 pages , 2 stamps, plus I provided copies of drivers lic. You could cut the air with a chain saw.

  8. Thank you again for another wonderful video!❤❤❤ GNW is my thing and I am so happy to find a channel that focus on that. The demos are a fabulous way to see how it is done in an actual appointment. Keep the videos coming👏

  9. Thank you for the awesome content.
    How did you end up with 3 divorce signings in a week? I bet it can get sad.

  10. Do you charge per page that needs to be signed? Do you charge for the size of the packet? How much do you charge by the hour? I’m struggling with a fee schedule.

  11. Thank you again for coming through! All of your videos have content that are helpful and easy to understand! Love “what does the phone call will sound like” and what questions I ask!

  12. Hi Kimmi… another great video! Can you share with us a guideline on how to charge on the divorce packets? Thank you!

  13. Why the gold seal on divorce papers??? Just curious. Having been through that, I’d probably only have been glad to see the gold seal if I was happy it was over. Otherwise, I don’t know…
    That’s some great information, though; thanks. And I’ll check out your Google Workplace vids because I am working on my marketing. Keep up the good work!

  14. Hi Kimmi,
    I want to add this service to my Google Business page but I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to imitate an attorney. Are we allowed to assist clients with filling in the info (hypothetical 100 pg. DIY packets) or are they pre-filled when the client arrives and we’re just notarizing a lot of forms?

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