George Conway: Trump Investigations ‘Fairly Likely To Produce Indictments’ | The Katie Phang Show

George Conway: Trump Investigations ‘Fairly Likely To Produce Indictments’ | The Katie Phang Show

In a recent interview with Salon, conservative lawyer George Conway said he believes Donald Trump’s legal troubles will soon catch up with him. Conway joins Katie Phang to discuss why.  » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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  1. I have to say, I think George Conway was one of the first Republicans to speak out against Mr. T. Which was difficult for his considering his marriage to Kelly Ann.

  2. This dude is crazy and probably jealous of his wife’s career he’s always trying to say something about Trump how is this even going good in your household

  3. George Conway just blew any credibility he had with rational people. Trump hid nothing. He wears who he is on his sleeve. Nothing he did was surprising to anyone that was paying attention. If Conway said he thought the Republican party would hold Trump in check, I could give him that. Frankly, even I thought they would and I hold the Republican party in the lowest regard. And, then he says he supported Ted Cruz! Credibility completely blown.

  4. What a sad world! You should be equally liable for telling a lie on any media – TV interviews, ads, speeches and social media! Let’s hope this liar finally gets his dues.

  5. He has SPIT in the face of AMERICAS basic values. So now it is time to wipe the filth off. He will not tear America down, which was not founded on the ex former guy. America is strong !! George you have redeemed yourself. Keep up the lincoln project. Love you guy. 😘😘😘

  6. George, was a fan, but Katie peeled you like an onion. You could not vote for the 😈? You did.

    Hillary was right about everything!

  7. I HOPE all of this results in large democratic dominance the Senate and Congress so all the Republican legislation passed over the last 30 years can be reversed. Up with minimal wage, medical care taxes on the rich and up with wage maximum that pay Social security from $140k to $1,000,000

  8. I have NEVER posted a review, but I had to after this interview because it was one of the rare times I have ever seen a journalist push back on these Republicans that supported Trump in the first place! Katie very skillfully pointed out and got Conway to somewhat answer to the absurdity of Trump being able to lead. Conway tried to squirm his way out, but Katie at least ASKED him the "hard" questions and didn’t let him off the hook for his complicity!!!! THANK YOU KATIE FOR NOT BEING A SCARY CAT!!!

  9. At least he is being honest. He has accepted he made a bad judgement call. Trouble is he allowed partisan politics to get in the way. To me it was obvious Trump was unfit for office! I still don’t understand how people like GC didn’t? Maybe his wife KAC convinced him Trump would be controllable? But full respect for his admitting his error. A shame most of the RNC still won’t!

  10. Trump still has some of those documents according to the DOJ! This guy is still holding on to some of the documents he stole. They need to arrest this man and make him tell where the rest of those documents are!

  11. I’m curious what George Conway’s alternative facts having wife, KellyAnn the Crypt Keeper Conway, has to say about his analysis, regarding Orange Turd 45’s culpability….

  12. Only 2 conclusions are possible. 1st DT is guilty & a traitor or 2nd DT is mentally insane as he still thinks he can keep the Presidential powers for life!

  13. His cult members could hear ALL the evidence in a trial and they will still deny it and be loyal to him.
    Yes, he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and they would not leave him. It’s a CULT.

  14. President Biden said today we are in the most nuclear danger since the 1960’s. Anyone connect the dots that we have a former president who was caught with nuclear documents AND Russia- and months later- has us at a heightened nuclear tension!!???

  15. Anyone else, even a straight white man, would’ve been locked up for just one of these documents! Time to hold the orange blubbering fool to account and prosecute him!

  16. While shocked watching election results in 2016, I also hoped that DT would rise to the occasion! Inauguration speech, which I also watched, made it clear that the man could not, and would not be a capable leader! The bleak, morbid picture that his speech writers gave him (did he do any editing?) made it very clear that the guy was a real jerk (in the vernacular my GOP grandfather would have used). A Crook by any other name is still a Crook!

  17. Hey Katie Hang why don’t you ask George Conway why he’s still part of the Federalist Society? He’s not a good guy. Plenty of bright people you could have on your show. But instead you bring on someone who’s wife was part of the insurrection and who is still lying for Trump. Please.

  18. They’ve been saying he’s going to be indicted for the last 2 years . I’ll believe it when I see it

  19. Evasion……getting nominated stops any investigation by the DOJ why would the GOP do this? The GOP backed a man who went to an NRA rally after a mass shooting of children not even buried yet. The world wants to know what’s right in America. They already know what’s wrong.

  20. Dotard Judas tRump, aka Benedict Bonespurs should be in Guantanamo awaiting charges of treason.

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