Get a divorce: How to apply for a divorce online using GOV.UK

Get a divorce: How to apply for a divorce online using GOV.UK

How to divorce online using the GOV.UK website.

This step by step tutorial explains how to divorce online in the United Kingdom using the official website. After watching this video you will be able to use the cheapest and most cost efficient method to divorce in the UK because you will not have to use an expensive solicitor.

If you don’t have the time or willingness to go down the DIY route, the next cheapest option is to use an online divorce service. Easy Online Divorce offer transparent, fixed-price services for uncontested divorces, and there are options for every budget.

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If your spouse agrees to a divorce or if you have been separated for more than five years, online divorce services are your best option. The ‘fully managed’ package gives the same (and often better) service than a high-street solicitor would provide, but at a fraction of the cost.

And often online divorce services are quicker because the central aim of their business is for their clients to divorce. In contrast, solicitors charge by the hour and make a significant amount of money from conflict between divorcing couples.

Please leave your comments and questions and let me know if there are any other topics you would like a tutorial on.

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  1. Hey! Just wondering, why wouldn’t we apply for the financial order (if we both have agreed the division of assets) at the same time as filing for divorce?

    Thanks, this is really helpful.

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  3. I need an hacker that can help me spy on my husband’s Text, i need evidence before filing for divorce.

  4. This is great and very informative… not so scary.
    I have a simple question.
    Does it make a difference if you were married abroad… Greece. Both uk residents now.

  5. Thank you for the video. . . So if apply for a divorce and she doesn’t respond at all, can I still get a divorce.

    Thank you

  6. Been advised to send in a blank M6 form. Is this so it can get stamp before my ex fills it in? Or can I get her to complete it before sending it in?

  7. Thanks for this video. I am assuming you divorced using this online procedure..? If so, did it all go smoothly or was there anything you think could be improved? I am just starting to fill in the online forms now.

  8. Hi, fantastic wlak though, clear and precise. Do you have a video explaining ho to complete the financial order and any forms associated with this. Many thanks

  9. So I have proceeded with my divorce as my wife didn’t not respond.

    The evidence I have that she received the papers is she said in a verbal conversation.

    I text her to ask her if she was going to proceed she said no.

    Would the text message be enough evidence to prove she received the divorce papers.

    Also what would be some of the reasons why a judge might not grant a divorce.

  10. Thank you for this video…it helps a lot. I have been calling lawyers but they are all very expensive.

  11. I am a British Citizen and married a Filipina Sept 2015 in the Philippines, not in the UK. Unfortunately the marriage collapsed soon after and she never came to live in the UK with me. I don’t have contact with her any more and am wondering how would I tackle the problem regarding her receiving the divorce petition, whilst she is still living in the Philippines?
    I want to pursue the separation reason for divorce.

  12. So what happens if you leave the marital home with no permanent address to go to, ie your homeless

  13. This video is very useful. I have a question about the examples section. Is this where you write and explain about what went wrong in your marriage in detail or does it have to be brief? Further, is there a later stage where you can provide a statement explaining the reasons in detail?

  14. this has made my day as I do not read well now I understand on what I need to do just because I could hear what to do and been show step by step thank you x

  15. Hi James I’m try to get a divorce from my ex partner who is Not British and hasn’t lived in Britain over 10 years now, I have been on the Gov website but I can’t find a category that would apply to me and my situation, would you have any advice Thank you

  16. Hi im Portuguese i have been married with nepali in 2017,and he was come to in uk 2019 in December he had living with me 7 month and when he had 5 years visa he was displayed in i want he back go to nepal..
    So what can i do?

  17. Hi, my issue is I’m not sure which way shall I go through ? as I’m victim of domestic abuse and as well we been completely separated for the last 2 years so the question is : Should I go with behaviour section or other section regrading we been separated for 2 years ? which way is quicker and less hassle … I forgot to mention I m already divorced but only religious way and I’m holding certificate from Islamic high court in the UK so Im hopping, I will be able to get divorce legally . Many thanks

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