First things first ! You are amazing and you will get through this ! Number 2 you will have days when you just want to lay in the bed and think about everything thats wrong instead of everything thats right with your life. Count every single one of your blessing before you get out of bed and focus on a healthy physical lifestyle while your going through an emotional time. Stress and depression can take a physical toll on your mind but also you body. Don’t forget that you still have to live in the physical world and you have to change your thoughts so that you don’t get stuck in the dark place. Get out of that bed , shower , brush your teeth, you may not be up for dolling yourself up but do not forget to take care of yourself. Exercise is a great way to refocus and get your blood pumping. Even if its just walking , move around honey !

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  1. Love your video. You’re hilarious and spoke some truths! Why don’t you have anymore videos?

  2. Thank for this video. Adjusting to life as a single mom for the second time around has been soul crushing. Strong women like you motivate me and remind me that I can do it. You’re hilarious!

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  4. I still love this video and go back to your old videos and re watch h them to get through my hard times

  5. I haven’t been in a divorce but I have been in a relationship where I was doing all the wifely duties without the ring. I really enjoy these advice videos so glad I found them

  6. Thank you for making me smile I needed this I am still feeling pain but I can get through this I try so hard not to think about it I try not to cry but I can’t but I am trying.thank you.

  7. I really appreciate you taking the time to make this video to motivate and impower women! Cause today u motivated me enough to get out of bed n give your method a try. Thank you n God bless u and your family girl!

  8. So thankful for coming across your channel tonight. I’m 24 years old with a toddler and 4 month old currently trying to break up with baby’s father and become a single mom. Thank you

  9. I just separated from my husband after 7 years of being a SAHM. It is sooo strange so difficult I feel like I dont belong anywhere. I clean one house a week for a liitle money. Oh and I also
    Homeschool my oldest son. for years si stayed home and worked for free. Literally back breaking work cooking cleaning and caring for my 3 kids and useless husband. I asked god to let me do his work, to show me the way and for him to be now my provider. Literally as I was pulling up to the home that I work
    In, I get a new home for cleaning! They called me and another job after that.

  10. You got me with that,,,,meant to stay mental we’d stayed in the spiritual realm…..just SHOOK me awake

  11. Men are no good.. Kids don’t need fathers.. Fatherless kids are always Successful and never go to prison. And if they do, it’s the man’s fault.

  12. I feel so exhausted when I gave my all and I’m moving on but this person hasn’t what do I do now?

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  14. You are amazing and hillarious! This is for all women, married or divorced. Maybe those who want to be divorced lol

  15. LMAO!!! You’re so funny! This ir the very first time i have seen your channel and i am in love with your personality. Subscribing immediately! You go girl!!

  16. Just remember girls, men live with our energies. They may put you down in a million ways but never admit that they benefit from your energy. Take that energy and put it on your kids and yourself!!!! It will do you wonders!

  17. Amazing video! Thank you so much for your encouragement. In the very beginning stages of divorce after 18 years and three beautiful children. I am learning how to GET OUT OF THE BED. I am subscribing to your channel

  18. I was just told this weekend that my husband wants a divorce so, I am in the thick of that shock and denial. I’ve lost 10 pounds with the heartbreak diet that I didn’t want to be on. So, it may take me a while to get to where you are. Still, I had to click. I had to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You had me cracking. Something I haven’t did for a while. Thank you! You are an absolute keeper!

  19. Omg!! You said the same thing my parents have been telling me the past 2 1/2 years about getting out the bed and getting up and move. My stress from being a divorced mom of a 4 year and half year old little Energizer Bunny has me in the bed a lot during the day. I am totally going to listen to u. Lol, I do wash myself and work out though. I noticed I stress so much, my workouts don’t pay off cuz my stress level causes me to gain weight and always has.

  20. Girl. I don’t know that I’ve ever commented on a video but let me tell you 👏👏 this is the video I needed. I have not been my best self since the split and I’m trying to get back to who I am and who I want to be. THANK YOU for sharing this. 💖

  21. Girl this video just gave me life, when I was just here feeling sorry for myself after just filling divorce paper out.

  22. I’ve never been married so I’ve never been divorced but… I absolutely love the Netflix series “a girls guide to divorce“ and it is so entertaining that I watch the all the seasons twice!

  23. Thank you beautiful. It’s very helpful. You’re encouraging me.
    Ps: like your artistic personality

  24. I was feeling meh just now. She just slapped me on the wrist I’m going to go on a long walk with my Babies and get those nasty thoughts out.

  25. This was fun and funny and uplifting and helpful, and hearing a stranger say ‘I love you, I am here for you’…well, that was nice 😊

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