1. Who in their right mind would want to divorce you unless they are just completely stupid but we are in Atlanta so I kind of understand that but I’m not from Atlanta I love Atlanta and all is blackness and Glory especially after recently turning the whole place blue. They’re also a lot of beautiful women here but lady you are by far one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen in all my life been around the world twice while in the Navy but seeing you makes me think why I thought I’d seen it all I never thought I would see a woman so beautiful in my life as you are.

  2. And most men, once he’s on child support… no more bday gifts, no extra money here and there, why? cause you can use ur child support money. And child support is a governmental case, ur gonna put a case on a broken relationship. That’s not fair. Hopefully he doesn’t cut off his relationship with his child. Most men do. U trust him enough to have a baby but don’t trust him enough to provide like he’s doing already. Smh

  3. You are so beautiful to me. I said I would never get married again because I recently divorcedI said I would never get married again because I recently divorced but after seeing you and hearing you I believe I will get married again you look exactly like the perfect woman to me and everybody have an idea of what their perfect woman is and I can definitely tell you that you are a perfect woman in my eyes. How about we make a lunch appointment. LoL but I’m very serious.

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  7. Stop listening to women, and child support can send your ex to jail. If he goes to jail, what do you get then?

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  12. I have not had s#x in 6+ years I have gave up on s#x and women…I love how you speak your truth…I still want women COMPANIONSHIP but definitely no s#x

  13. You really seem like a real cool sister…
    Hate that you and your husband’s getting a divorce queen!

  14. Lady you are so beautiful I didn’t come to this channel to see a beautiful woman I can’t hear to learn about the voice but instead I see you in the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

  15. I gave you a hard time before joking around however I got a lot of respect for you being real about being safe when having sex we need more of that kind of open talk

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