Getting a Divorce in Germany as a Foreigner and the implications thereafter

Getting a Divorce in Germany as a Foreigner and the implications thereafter

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The content of this video is about being divorced in Germany at the law court and how this can change your entire life.

Before you can be divorced in Germany, you have to be separated from your wife or husband for a period of 1 year.

Separation means that, you don’t have to share the matrimonial bed, table and household. Which means, you can be in the same apartment and be in separation.

Sometimes the separation is more clear when you pack out of the matrimonial apartment and take a personal apartment on your own.

After a one year separation, you have to write to the family court with the help of lawyer for a divorce.

The case in the court may last up to 8 months depending on how both couples are cooperating in this divorce process and how quick the involved instructions are working.

If you are married to Germany as a foreigner and you were not married up to 3 years, the immigration office will ask you to leave Germany immediately they get to know about your separation.

The German laws can be confusing most times. It is therefore imperative that you have someone on your side who not only understands the law and the language but also understands English so as to better translate the laws for you.

Ignorance of the German law and the German language is not a defence nor can it be used as an excuse. Lawyer Imasi has over 15 years of experience in German Laws and he also has a very good understanding of the German language. You need someone like him on your side when the law is against you.

Lawyer Imasi is a specialist in German Laws and has the experience to help people with all kinds of German law problems. You can contact him through the link below

Lawyer Iyare Imasi does not take legal responsibility of the commentary made by viewers of his videos posted here on his YouTube channel. Mr. Imasi only take legal responsibility of his words spoken in his various videos on his YouTube channel.

So don´t follow the advice in the commentary that is not from lawyer Imasi himself.


  1. Informative video. I have a friend who is currently in a situation whereby her husband is on her visa as a dependent and they have children who are all on her visa as well. The marriage has broken, in this case, he is fighting against her to stay back because of the children. Will he be asked to leave the country? or be asked to remain because of the children which he is not even providing for?

  2. I have recently found out that i am not divorced after 10 years. Went to a lawyer paid 200 euro and all he said was i should contact the court like really smfh. I told him to give back my money.

  3. Hi Mr.Imasi, pls answer my questions. I am married to a German man (lived with him together in one house and raised my children for 16 + years. I did everything for my children as my husband was hardly home at all. We were together for over 20 years. We are separated now and I need legal advice. Pls let me known how you can help me when in Germany and how to contact you as I will also ask for legal aid and advice as the whole situation is complicated and I don’t know the German law system. Thanks

  4. Hi,
    What if I was married for 22 years to a German man (we lived in Sri Lanka since 2000 and did not lived in Germany. But now we are separated since 2016 and I he is refusing to give me any compensation. The children are living in Germany with the German grandparents since 2016. I was a stay at home mom mostly and but supported my husband with his business and to grow his business 3 and establish and grow them + taking care of two children and housework. Since we are separated, he have left me and not given me anything at all. no money, no insurance, no medical… nothing. I have become depressed and a sick person because of the separation and being separated from my children.
    Can you pls help me and advise me. Thank you.

  5. Good evening sir,please I want to know about someone who got married in Nigerian and brought the husband to ITALY, she now lives in Germany but has been divorce in Nigerian. My question now is what am I supposed to do with the divorce Certificate here in Germany? Have been working here now for 2 years.

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