Getting A Divorce With Kids | What Parents Need To Know

Getting A Divorce With Kids | What Parents Need To Know

Are you and your spouse getting a divorce? Do you have kids? Here’s what you need to know when getting a divorce with kids – what parents need to know.

00:00 Intro & Summary
00:35 Children’s Issues Are Not The Parents Issues
03:15 The adjustments The Kids Have To Go Through
03:35 Children Are Not “Marital Property”
05:08 Factor That Determines The Outcome Of Divorce For Children
06:30 Why Some People Choose Divorce
07:35 The Court Is A Terrible Place To Solve Family Problems
08:58 My commitment

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Dr. Paul Jenkins

How To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

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  1. Ok, I’ve been divorced for some years now. The oldest two have asked why can’t they live with me. My current stance is, they need both parents in their life. Even if they don’t want them in their life right now. That’s what I have been telling them. I feel a pain in my heart every week that I feel I am forcing them to go back to their moms house. Any thoughts?

  2. I’m 13 and I think my parents might divorce they haven’t spoken in weeks and I’m the only one noticing it my siblings are young 1,5,7 and I’m just torn thinking my parents might divorce I just can’t handle it they’ve been married for 14 years and I don’t want all the memories to go away just like that😔 they haven’t slept in the same room for 3 weeks

  3. My parents got divorced when I was very young, probably around five or six years old. My dad got custody of me and my siblings, even though he wasn’t interested in parenting much. My mother returned to South Korea, initially just to get treatment for breast cancer, but her doctor advised her to stay in South Korea permanently. Thus, my mother was absent for most of my life. She visited me and my sister only twice, so far, and after I already moved out of my dad’s house. I lost touch with my dad during my college years, but I still keep in touch with my mother sometimes. If my mother didn’t get breast cancer, or at least wasn’t advised by her doctor to stay in South Korea, she might’ve kept custody of me and my siblings. She certainly feels guilty that she couldn’t be there for me since the divorce.

  4. thank u for this video 🙏🏽 just split up with my baby’s father a couple weeks ago and it’s been really hard… i’m mostly concerned about my son’s transition into having two homes. great info here more on this topic would also be greatly appreciated.

  5. If only the narcissistic parents would let this advice sink in. It remains very difficult when only one parent is listening and making the effort. In fact, the “nice guy” will finish last in the adversarial environment of the court. I truly appreciate these videos as they have helped me cope with my volatile divorce and custody battle. At the very least, you help reinforce my confidence in myself and that I’m doing my best to keep the path to coparenting open, no matter my exes choices.

  6. What should you do if your ex betrayed you, ended the marriage and you’ll never trust them again, wants to get back together and you have kids? My kid cried to me the other day saying he misses me and his home and I know the ex’s plans are falling through and is trying to come back. I don’t want to be with them but she has custody of my kids.

  7. You make me sick. You people are full of shii!!! Your the ones that steal peoples children!!

  8. Thank you for sharing this very valuable information! Good information that I wish I had a decade ago. I am sharing co-parenting encouragement and inspiration weekly on The Blended Homemaker channel. Co-parenting is very challenging, tune in for support. 😊

  9. Divorce is very expensive, but if the other party is a narcissist and selfish the court maybe the only option.

  10. Me again 😝Key advice ! Going through a painful divorce. ♥️ My kids are my biggest priority. Thanks again for your work.

  11. Thank you so much for your work. Its is beyond valuable. If everyone would watch your videos the world would be a better place.

  12. Hello. Please help me with this question. I got marred by woman with child. Made a fiancé visa from another country. Child was 4 years old when we got married. Now we are divorcing and don’t know what option to choose on application. Dissolution marriage with kid or without? Please help. Thank you

  13. Jesus doesn’t encourage US sinners to idolise OTHER sinners. He encourages US instead to follow in His footsteps and not fall into temptation by others’ deadly influences. JESUS LOVES YOU SO MUCH AND WANTS TO WELCOME YOU IN HEAVEN WITH OPEN ARMS AND A TEAR OF JOY IN HIS EYES ☺️🌸🌺🌼🌻

  14. That only works if the other parent doesn’t alienate the children. I have not seen my children for two years. My ex refused to “work together” and villianized me to the children and the courts. He succeeded in removing all visitation and now has full custody. He was never involved in their nurturing so why did he choose this path? Because I divorced him and he know that was the only way to hurt me. My heart aches to see my children or even just get a picture of them. He hasn’t bothered to update me on how they are doing or send any pictures. I pray for them every day. I also pray for him. I still love him but it was a toxic and abusive relationship.

  15. Courts are now giving children to the person who can provide for them better, they pit parent against parent, the almighty dollar reigns supreme, there is no real Justice, in fact you get retraumatized, and your children torn from the parent who cares over the parent who manipulates. Therapists automatically assume the kids and parents are depressed and the real culprit is the system which is corrupt And doesn’t help anyone actually keeps people in poverty. Everyone has a job right?

  16. I am either weird (probably true) or noticed too much (probably also true) or maybe something off about me but I didnt want my parents back together when they split/separated when i was a child, when i was a teen nor when i was a young adult. I can not stand it when people used to tell me they stay together because they think it is best for the children and told th that it is not a reason to stay with someone and in most cases it is probably not a good thing for the children.

    Great vid though! Loved the bit about courts being adversery…
    Parent vs parent instead of standing together.

  17. Question, what if the other parent is emotionally damaging to the children? And controlling?

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